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A virtual apartment tour can be helpful to visualize your future home — even from afar.

There are several types of apartment tours, but if you have a video chat tour lined up with a live agent, below are some questions to ask:

1. Who will guide the tour?

Find out whether the leasing agent will be the one to guide the tour or whether you can dictate where to go. Get as many details as you can.

2. Can I ask questions at the end?

Find out if you will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the tour.

3. Is this the model apartment?

Find out if this is a model apartment or the actual apartment. Find out how many beds and baths there are along with the square footage.

4. Can you show me amenities too?

swimming pool at apartment complex

Apart from the unit, find out whether you will be able to view the amenities available in the apartment complex. If you can’t view virtually, can they send additional pictures and videos of the amenity spaces.

5. Can you describe / show the landscaping?

Ask the leasing agent whether you can view the landscaping and outdoor areas of the complex. Great landscaping at an apartment complex can make a big difference, and elevate your spirits. In fact, there are many benefits to good landscaping at an apartment complex. If you can’t see it, ask for pictures.

6. Can you describe what’s in the area?

Ask out more details about the restaurants, shops, and groceries in the area so you have a better idea of its proximity.

7. What is the entrance type(s)?

Virtual Tour Questions | Apartment Entrance | www.phillyaptrentals.com

Find out whether you will have a private entrance, semi-private entrance, or common hallways.

8. Can you see the closets?

While you may have seen all the rooms and bedrooms, don’t forget to ask to look into the closets along with the washer/dryer area. Closet space is important.

9. How much is the rent?

Find out how much your rent and any additional monthly bills you must pay.

10. What are the next steps?

Find out what the next steps are should you decide to rent and want to review the lease.

These questions will help prepare you for a great virtual tour experience.


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