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Just a few minutes outdoors surrounded by greenery can help you feel better after a bad day. You’ve probably noticed the benefits of being around landscaping and greenery. It can help to calm your nerves, reduce anxiety, ease stress, and elevate your mood, but what are the benefits of landscaping and greenery at an apartment complex?

Here are 10 specific benefits of beautifully landscaped greenery at an apartment complex.

1) Improves and beautifies the overall aesthetics of the apartment complex

One of the biggest benefits of beautifully landscaped gardens and greenery is how easily it improves and beautifies the overall aesthetics of the complex. An apartment complex that has flowers blooming year-round or flowers that bloom in different seasons, elevates the visual appeal of even a tired apartment complex. An apartment community with poor landscaping sends a different message to both neighbors and residents.

2) Helps to improve overall health and well-being

Being around greenery has been shown to improve overall health and wellbeing. Studies on the benefits of green spaces have also shown a correlation between green spaces, reduced anxiety, improved mental health, and lower stress levels.

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3) Makes a good impression on your family and friends

Greenery can have a positive impact on quality of life for residents, but it can also enhance the experience of guests.

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4) Prevents flooding

When there’s a flood or storm, landscaping can actually help. Landscapes and bushes act as runoff buffers for flowing water. If your apartment complex is near the coast, plants can help to reduce the chance of erosion and flooding.

5) Cools the area naturally

Did you know that grass feels much cooler than cement or asphalt? It helps to cool down the space by several degrees when compared to concrete grounds or even soil, which can make the whole area feel so much cooler naturally. This can make for a cooler summer.

6) Positive effects on Children

If the apartment complex has green space, it’s possible they may have playground or greenspace for children to play (with adult supervision) and that could be a major benefit to the overall wellbeing of the child. Studies have also linked green space to many other positive psychological benefits including self-discipline and increased ability for children to concentrate.

7) Increases Biodiversity

The greenery, bushes, grass, herbs, or host plants can help promote the habitat for birds, butterflies, insects, which is helpful for the environment.

8) Improved Amenities

Large green spaces and sprawling grounds can be an added amenity to the apartment complex and a great thing to enjoy.

9) Better Social Environment

Some studies have shown that a green environment can help bring people together, and this might be true in the apartment community too, particularly as it can help bring a sense of pride among the residents.

10) Reduces the amount of noise

Having landscaped lawns and gardens in your complex can reduce the amount of noise in the area quite significantly in comparison to surfaces like asphalt and concrete. The less noise you hear in your apartment from outside, the more relaxed you will feel.

Landscaping and greenery are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they have numerous other benefits, which is why, if it’s important to you, you ought to look out for greenery when searching for an apartment complex.


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