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10 Things That Go Into Good Apartment Building Landscaping | Beautiful Green Apartment Complex | www.phillyaptrentals.com

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To make an apartment building look attractive to tenants, gorgeous landscaping is key. Not only does it add to the aesthetics of the building but it is also a calming influence on residents. But good landscaping is way more involved than planting a few trees. Here are some things that go into good apartment building landscaping:

1. Diversity of Plants

The use of a diversity of trees, flowers, shrubs, bushes, and other plants helps to add character and contributes to the overall aesthetic of the property.

2. Flower Replacing

10 Things That Make Good Apartment Landscaping | Seasonal Flowers | www.phillyaptrentals.com

Flowers that look old and rotten should be replaced with fresh plants that add stunning visual appeal to the space. In Winter climates, flowers will die and constantly need to be re-planted and re-placed.

3. Good Mulching

Small tasks like mulching can make a big difference because it creates a good base for plants to grow beautifully. Mulching needs to be done regularly.

4. Good Hedging

10 Things Make Good Apartment Building Landscaping | Hedges | www.phillyaptrentals.com

Hedging is the perfect way to create a beautiful garden layout and even to provide some shelter in windy conditions. It can also serve as a beautiful green barrier between different spaces.

5. Use of Different Textures (Coarse and Fine Foliage)

To add more visual appeal, it is important to use different plant and flower textures – both coarse and fine. This heightens the aesthetics and creates a spectacular backdrop.

6. Use of Different Colors

Plants and flowers in different colors are powerful landscaping tools because they create a dramatic, fascinating garden space.

7. Good Layout

10 Things Make Good Apartment Building Landscaping | Proportional Balance Layout | www.phillyaptrentals.com

The mass of individual plants or groups of plants in a bed should occupy a space proportionate to the overall plants. Good layout and design is key.

8. Good Lighting

If you want your landscape to truly stand out day or night, add lighting in different areas and styles to highlight special features.

9. Use of Evergreens

Evergreens are a good way for the space to look appealing even in Cold dreary winters. All your plants don’t need to be evergreen but having a few planted will ensure the building looks great even when the temperatures plummet.

10. Regular Mowing

Regular mowing is key to keeping your grass green, neat and beautiful. You’ll also want to make sure any weeds and dead plants are removed to keep the space looking aesthetically beautiful.

As you can see, landscaping is the perfect way to add to the appeal of an apartment building.


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