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You might be wondering “When do apartments get updated?”

Unlike a hotel which can undergo a massive renovation all at once, most apartment complexes typically renovate “as they go”.  This is because hotels operate on a night-by-night basis, and can simply choose a date and shut its doors for renovation. Most apartment complexes, however, have long-term leases (existing residents) and therefore tend to renovate a little at a time.

Let’s dig in more below.

When Does an Apartment Complex Update?

Apartment complexes typically update in phases and based on the desired schedule of the landlord. Really good apartment complexes constantly undergo updates.

Types of Building Updates

There are a variety of different types of updates including exterior, amenity, interior, technology, and services.

Exterior Building Updates

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Exterior updates might involve new paint, window replacements, facade alterations, or a full change to the building’s overall appearance.

Of note, observe the condition of the exterior and decide if it is in good shape. Also, ask about recent window renovations. Are the windows single pane or double pane glass? All things being equal, double-pane glass is better for energy efficiency.

Amenity Updates

Amenity updates refer to enhancements in common areas such as pools, gyms, and recreation rooms. Top-tier apartment complexes will routinely maintain the aesthetic appeal and upkeep of these amenities.

For example, re-decking the pools and buying new pool furniture might occur every few years.

Good managers will also replace gym equipment as needed.

However, major amenity renovations, like a full gym renovation, including replacing all flooring and equipment typically happen every 15-20 years in well-maintained complexes.

Interior Updates

When an old resident moves out, and a new resident (you) moves in, good apartment complexes will thoroughly prepare the new apartment. This includes new painting as well as refurbishing and fixing any major damages from the previous tenant.

Do Landlords Need To Replace Carpets | Man Laying Carpet | www.phillyaptrentals.com

Additionally, major high-touch items will be replaced if needed. Really badly damaged or malfunctioning equipment including countertops, carpet, and flooring will also be replaced.

Appliances have a long life and will usually not be replaced unless they have malfunctioned or are showing signs of really bad damage.

You should not expect a fully renovated apartment with brand-new items (unless you are specifically told this). That said, you should receive an apartment that is in good working condition and free of major defects and substantial wear.

Technology Updates

Such updates are often overlooked by complex owners and building managers but they can provide immense value to residents. Technology updates to apartments may include integration of safety and convenience tech such as smart intercom systems, fob access, camera installations, and digital rent payment options. While these aren’t always physical changes, they can significantly enhance the living experience.

Service Updates

Service updates could be happening behind the scenes (such as more follow-up and better communication), but could also be things such as adding 24/7 emergency service, automated email marketing system, etc. Quality of service is arguably one of the most overlooked features in an apartment complex.


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