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How likely is it that you will find each of these respective luxury amenities in a Philadelphia luxury apartment? For example, only about 3% of apartments in Philadelphia have balconies, 5% have walk-in closets, and just 2% have swimming pools.

Read this article to find out the exact odds of finding a luxury apartment in Philadelphia with all the features you want.


Balconies have always been part of luxury apartment searches because they provide a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor living without forcing you out of your apartment. Balconies can be found in only about 3.1% of apartments in Philadelphia.

In-Unit Washer/Dryer

This can be an excellent facility to have in your apartment since you won’t have to travel to a laundromat or the common building laundry to get your loads done. Only about 9.4% of apartments in Philly have in-unit washers and dryers.

Walk-in Closets

large walk in closet

A walk-in closet is a luxurious addition to any apartment, giving you sprawling storage space for your clothes, shoes, bags, ties, handbags, socks, and so much more. Just 5.5% of apartments in Philly have walk-in closets.


A dishwasher can be very convenient so you’re not hand washing dishes saving you time and energy. Just 11.2% of apartment buildings in Philly have an in-unit dishwasher.

Large Floor Plans

Space is a big consideration when choosing a luxury apartment to rent. Think open plan with lots of working and storage space to make the whole area look stylish and uncluttered. A typical 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom Size in Philly is 710 square feet and 995 square feet, respectively so anything bigger than that is considered large for Philly Apartment Sizes.

Swimming Pool

swimming pool at apartment complex

Resort-style facilities like a swimming pool are a luxurious addition because you don’t have to worry about going to public pools. You can enjoy a leisurely swim within your apartment complex. Just 2% of apartment complexes in Philadelphia come with swimming pools.

Onsite Parking

Having onsite parking is an added convenience you don’t want to overlook. The idea of fighting for parking every day is exhausting, which is why on-site parking space is appealing. Onsite parking in Philadelphia can be found in 16.3% of apartment complexes in Philadelphia.


landscaping greenery at apartment complex

Access to green spaces is both luxurious and relaxing, giving you a chance to enjoy nature within the comfort of your own home. Apartments in the Northwest and Northeast sections of Philly tend to have access to more greenery and green spaces in Philly than other parts of the city.


If you opt for a luxury apartment, you’ll want something that offers great views with floor-to-ceiling windows that do not hinder your privacy. While there’s no exact percentage of apartments with great views in Philly, you might want to consider areas near a park or one of the two rivers (Delaware River and Schuylkill River).

Fitness Center

apartment gym luxury apartment building

Another great-to-have feature is a fitness center so you can enjoy the convenience of exercising on your doorstep. Fitness centers can be found in nearly 5.8% of Philly apartment complexes.

Door Service

Some ultra expensive apartment complexes downtown have a 24/7 doorman service. Door service can be found in just 1.5% of apartment buildings in Philly.

Great Management

The apartment’s building management is another factor when considering luxury buildings. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment building before, you know good management can make your overall living experience significantly better or worse, which is why you’ll want to look at this factor.

Now you know the likelihood of being able to find a luxury apartment in Philadelphia with the amenities that are important to you. Where can you find these luxury apartment buildings?

Many apartment finder sites allow you to filter your search criteria based on amenities you prefer in buildings so you can narrow down your choices based on what makes sense to your lifestyle. Popular search sites include,,, and, to name a few.

Finding the right luxury apartment rental in Philadelphia will depend on your lifestyle and what appeals most to you. Hopefully, this article gives you a sense of the types of amenities in Philly and how hard it is to find many of these amenities.

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