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While 2 months isn’t the ideal amount of time (usually you want about 2.5 months) to search for an apartment, it can work if the complex you want to move into has a vacancy available.

How Long Does It Take to Find an Apartment?

The ideal length of time to find an apartment is, generally speaking, approximately about 2.5 months (or about 75 days) out from the date you want to move. Although it is possible to find an apartment in less time, most rental agreements require tenants to provide 60 days’ notice before moving out, which means landlords usually don’t know availability until about 2 months out.

What Else Takes Time For a Landlord?

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Once you find a unit that you’re interested in, there’s more to it than just signing a contract and moving in. Most landlords have a screening process in place for tenants. This process might include:

  • Record checks
  • Credit checks
  • Obtaining references from past landlords
  • Employment verification

Additionally, the landlord needs to get the keys back from the prior resident, inspect unit, clean, do repairs and prepare it before you move in. This process takes time.

What Else Takes Time For Me?

You will want to make an initial call to the community rental office – ask your basic questions, and then go visit/tour multiple properties.

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After touring, you should compare properties (we suggest making a list of features, amenities, and other parameters that you deem important to help in the selection process. Develop follow-up questions (if any), and contact the rental office to get the answers.

You’ll then need to schedule a time to have a lease prepared and signed. This all takes time.

How to Find an Apartment Quickly

If you’re able to find a building with vacancies and a flexible rental agent or landlord, expediting the search process may be possible, enabling you to find an apartment in as little as 2 months. However, more time is recommended.

What else should I consider?

All things considered, allowing even more time may be better. Perhaps calling 90 days out at least to get basic questions answered and conduct a more thorough search. This way, when the time is closer, you already have the basics and have narrowed down your search. Then, when an apartment becomes available, you can jump on it.   Be sure to inquire about the process and timing with your desired apartment communities.


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