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what is a walk in closet

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First, what is a walk-in closet? A walk-in closet is almost exactly what it sounds like, and is generally defined as a space where you can store your clothes and accessories with enough room for you to stand inside it (‘walk around’), which typically is a minimum depth and width of 4 feet by 4 feet. The best part about walk-in closets is that they can double up for multiple uses like ironing or dressing up, in addition to providing ample storage that takes the clutter away from your bedroom.

This guide will help you get started when you’re looking to find an apartment with a walk-in closet.

Check Online

Check Online |

When you’re browsing through different apartments online, look for filters to narrow down your options so you only look at apartments that fulfill your specific needs. Next, check the images and descriptions. Does the apartment listing show you images of the closet? Is this something you can request from the landlord or management company to provide? Does the listing description mention of a walk-in closet? Usually, walk-in closets that come with apartments are usually covered in the description because they serve as a great selling point for leasing.

Consider How Many Bedrooms You Want the Closet In

Do you need the walk-in closet just for your master bedroom or did you want it for every bedroom in the apartment? This will help you determine what kind of apartments you need to look for. If walk-in closets are a must-have, then you must be prepared to lease out a bigger apartment because they take up a lot of room. The bigger the space, the more rent you will have to fork out every month. Some people like the idea of having walk-in closets in multiple bedrooms, which can prove especially useful if you have several people living in the same apartment.

Call Management Company

It may be a good idea to call the management company ahead of time to find out how many bedrooms come with ‘walk-in closets’ so you can decide whether the apartments meet your needs. If this is a strict requirement for you, then this is a good step because it can prevent you from wasting time on apartments that don’t meet your needs. Be sure to ask the management company for a floor plan with dimensions because you wouldn’t want something that is too small.

Inspect Properties to See Whether the Walk-In Closet is Right for You

View Apartments and Closet Sizes |

Once you’ve done your preliminary research, your final step is to tour the apartment model and make sure you check the walk-in closet thoroughly. Ask if this walk in closet is the same size as the one in your future apartment? Is it large enough to accommodate all your things? Does it have room for storing your shoes? How easy is it for you to move around in the closet?

Finding an apartment with a walk-in closet may take a little bit of time. But once you find something you love, it will all be worth it.

Pro Tip: If you find an apartment with big bedrooms but the closet space isn’t enough for you, perhaps you purchase a portable clothes hanging rack and leave it in the corner.


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