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Are you looking for an apartment with a balcony in Philadelphia? That makes sense, but keep in mind that its more unlikely your apartment in Philadelphia will have a balcony than it is to have one as just 3.1% of apartment buildings in the city of Philadelphia have balconies. Moreover, not every apartment in those apartment buildings contain a balcony. This guide will help you find an apartment with a balcony in Philadelphia –

Understand the Philadelphia neighborhoods with the most amount of balconies

Having apartments with balconies in Philadelphia is rare, but not impossible. In general, the Philadelphia neighborhoods that tend to have the most amount of apartment complexes with balconies are Northeast Philadelphia, Fairmount/Art Museum area, Roxborough/Manayunk, Spruce Hill/Walnut Hill, Wynnefield, and a few select pockets of Center City including Rittenhouse, Washington Square, and Old City. Coincidentally, many of these neighborhoods that have a greater number of apartment complexes with balconies correspond to the greenest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, so you get not just a balcony but views of greenery. If you are looking to live in one of these neighborhoods, you have a much better chance at finding an apartment with a balcony. If not, it still may be possible, but there are certainly fewer options.

Understand the different balcony sizes

Your first step is to understand the different balcony sizes so you can choose what works best for your lifestyle. For example,

  • If you don’t want a large space but still need an outdoor area, then a smaller Juliet balcony may be just the right choice for you. A Juliet balcony is generally defined as a small, narrow structure with usually floor-to-ceiling windows that brings in both natural light and air, but in reality usually have very little physical space for you to enjoy outdoors (if any), other perhaps to stand on the platform. There is usually no room to bring furniture out onto a Juliet Balcony.
  • A full balcony is a much larger space that allows you to do plenty of outdoor things. You could bring outdoor furniture, sit outside and relax full balcony – creating an outdoor haven without having to live in a standalone house. Full balcony sizes can vary but generally you want one at least 4 feet in depth by 11 feet wide to be able to put some furniture out there and enjoy the outdoors.

Determine what you want from the balcony

You also need to determine what you want from your balcony. For example,

  • What views do you want? The apartment level and location of the unit will make a difference to the kind of views you get from the balcony. If good views and affordability are important to you, check out areas of Philly where there is more wide open space such as Northeast Philly. You can also find good views in Center City but of course often views are blocked by other buildings. Have a look for apartments near the major rivers in Philly, Schuylkill River and Delaware River for some great views.
  • What kind of entertainment do you want? If you intend to entertain on the balcony, then you may want something that enables you to do that and host multiple guests outside without any trouble. While apartments with private balconies in the City are extremely limited, there are lots of new construction townhomes that have rooftop decks so perhaps that is for you.
  • Keep in mind, even within the same apartment complex, the unit location of your apartment could greatly impact your usage and enjoyment of the balcony. For example, your balcony could be beautiful on one side of the building but overlook a garbage compactor on the other area, or perhaps it’s that one apartment location gets limited sunlight or only morning (or afternoon) sunlight.

Start by searching online

Now that you’re more familiar with the types of balconies available, you can do a search for ‘apartments with balconies in Philadelphia. Many online apartment listing websites have filters that let you choose apartments with specific features so you have a better way to narrow down your choices. Simply look at the top for filters, select must include ‘balcony’. Then once you find it…

  • Make sure you check all descriptions and images so you know exactly what the balcony looks like ahead of time.
  • If there is no specific information about a balcony, perhaps you could request this from apartment community so you could make a more informed decision.

Usually, apartments with balconies are mentioned in the description because they serve as a good hook for renters.

In addition to just listing websites, be sure to look for individual apartment community websites too which tend to have more information and often provide a much better “feel” for the community than simply a listing website.

Take a look at properties you narrow down

Once you narrow down your choices, it’s now time to have a look at the apartments so you can decide what balcony works best for your needs. Inspect the area thoroughly.

  • Does it have enough space to accommodate all your needs?
  • What views are on offer?
  • Is there an area where you could create something unique that fits into your lifestyle needs? Of course it must comply with lease terms.

Hopefully you now have a better an idea of what kind of balconies are available in Philly, so you can make the right choice for your lifestyle.

Source of data for balconies: Leading Real Estate Data Tool August 2020 Analysis

Apartment Balcony


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