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Only a small fraction (about 20%) of Apartment Buildings in Philadelphia have on-site parking(1). Although that number seems low, and of course may not be perfect, one can reasonably conclude that most apartment buildings in Philadelphia do not have on-site parking. Therefore, before conducting your search for an apartment with parking in Philadelphia, be sure to read through this article to help navigate the search process and find an apartment with parking in Philly.

What is the price of parking in apartments in Philly?

The price for parking your car at an apartment will depend on largely on what area of the city of Philly you are planning to rent an apartment. For example:

  • If you’re planning to rent in the core of Center City Philly, expect to pay between $250 to $400+ per month per car. It tends to get a little cheaper on the fringes.
  • In the Fairmount area, expect to pay around $200 to $250 per month per car.
  • In University City, expect to pay $250 to $350 per month per car
  • If you’re looking at places like Northern Liberties or Fishtown, there is a bigger range but generally expect to pay anywhere between $100 to $325/month per car.
  • In areas like the Far Northeast of Philly, parking is considerably more affordable around $0 to $45 per month. Price can vary dramatically from neighborhood to neighborhood, but as a general rule of thumb, parking is most expensive in the core of center city Philly.

Check out the chart below, and look at the ‘parking affordability’ column to get a sense for parking costs by neighborhood.

philadelphia comparison chart

What type of parking is available?

Parking spots can either be covered or surface parking (open parking exposed to the air). Covered parking typically refers to covered garage parking but could also refer to a car port where only the top of your car is protected. Generally speaking, covered parking is almost always more expensive than surface parking. That’s because covered parking can help prevent your car from getting snow on it in the Winter and keep it cooler in the summer. You’ll need to decide what is most important for you. Some apartments offer only one option whereas other apartments offer both.

There are advantages and disadvantage of surface parking versus garage parking. In a surface lot, you generally don’t need to wait for anyone to get your car, and be on your way. Typically, garage parking is much slower, as most residents leave and arrive at the same time. Not having to worry about cleaning snow off your car is a plus for a garage, but having a couple of cost effective surface parking spots is huge in the eyes of the majority of families. Only you can determine which type of parking facility is most important for you, or even if it’s necessary to have parking.

How does the parking location work?

Before signing any lease agreement, be sure to find out how the parking location works for the apartment complex.

If you live outside of center city in Philadelphia, chances are you will park in a ground-level uncovered parking lot.

If you live in Center City Philly, chances are your building doesn’t have parking, but if it does, it most likely is a garage. You should find out if all the parking is in a single garage that is attached to your building. How do you access the building from the garage? Does it have direct access from the garage to the building, or do you need to walk outside the garage to get into your building? How many floors of parking are there? Understanding all the parking logistics is important.

How easily available is parking?

Some apartments come listed with parking but that doesn’t always mean that there is availability. There could be a waiting list for parking.

If you’re interested in any particular apartment, find out whether there is enough parking available at the apartment or whether you’d have to go on a waiting list for parking. After all, having parking doesn’t do any good if it’s not available. Moreover, if you need more than one car parked, and there is a waiting list, it’s less likely they will be able to accommodate you.

What are the parking policies?

You’ll also want to find out whether the apartment complex has any specific parking policies that need to be followed. For example, is parking usually assigned to a particular apartment unit? Or does parking depend on other factors like first-come, first-serve? Are there parking permits? How is parking enforced? Where do guests park?

How well-lit is the parking lot?

How to Find Apartments With Parking | Indoor Parking Lot |

Safety is an important consideration. Is the parking lot well-lit at night or is it too dark? Are there surveillance cameras around, which might serve as deterrents to criminals? A well-lit parking lot can be important. Ask the apartment manager and consider visiting the lot at night yourself before renting there.

It’s important to consider all these factors when looking for apartments with parking in Philadelphia. If your apartment doesn’t come with parking and you really like that building, you could always consider an off-site parking lot that is nearby but that of course comes with other challenges, including, if they take monthly’s, the fact that the lot is not attached to your apartment complex, and other considerations. If you’re looking for apartments with parking in Philly, hopefully, this gives you a great start.

(1) Source: Co-Star Analytics. Defined as having at least 1 parking spot for market-rate apartments. Analysis conducted April 2020. Data showing about 16.4% of existing multi-family in the city of Philadelphia have at least 1 parking spot.


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