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Northeast Philly Zip Code

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Northeast Philadelphia consists of an array of neighborhoods located in the Northeastern part of the city. The area is a melting pot of cultures with many people from around the world calling this area home. The diversity of the Northeast Philly neighborhoods has attracted many restaurants, some of which are among the finest restaurants in the Philadelphia area.

Which zip codes are in Northeast Philadelphia?

Zip Codes in Northeast Philly

There are several zip codes in Northeast Philly, including:

  • 19111 – Fox Chase/Burlhome
  • 19115 – Bustleton
  • 19116 – Somerton
  • 19152 – Rhawnhurst / Bells Corner / Pennypack
  • 19114 – Northeast / Torresdale
  • 19149 – Mayfair
  • 19154 – Parkwood
  • 19136 – Holmesburg

Which is the Most Desirable Zip Code in Northeast Philly?

If you are looking to live in Northeast Philadelphia, it’s helpful to understand some of the distinctions between neighborhoods/zip codes. Generally speaking, neighborhoods to the West of the Boulevard / Route 1 tend to command a premium in price whether you intend to rent or buy in the area due to desirability. There are of course exceptions.

Tree Canopy Coverage Tree Line Street

Among the most desirable zip codes in the Northeast are 19111 (Fox Chase / Burlhome), 19115 (Bustleton), 19116 (Somerton), and 19152 (Rhawnhurst / Bells Corner). In particular, two neighborhoods stand out – Bustleton (19115) and Fox Chase (19111) as among the hottest, most desirable affordable neighborhoods in the entire United States of America, let alone Philadelphia (ranking by

If you’re looking for large green spaces with walking paths and bike trails, there are plenty of great neighborhoods in the Northeast of the city. Fringing the 1600-acre Pennypack Park. Bustleton is the greenest neighborhood of all the northeast neighborhoods. *

What are the Hottest Zip Codes in the Northeast?

According to, 19111 (Fox Chase/Burlhome) and 19115 (Bustleton) were among the hottest neighborhoods in the entire nation, not just the city of Philadelphia. This means that out of the thousands and thousands of zip codes around the country, 19111 and 19115 stand out as the hottest and most desirable, which puts a premium on real estate in those areas. Among the reasons why these neighborhoods are so popular –

  • The ideal mix of a suburban lifestyle within an urban environment
  • Sprawling greenery
  • Bustling diverse restaurant scene
  • Excellent shopping
  • Easy access to Center City
  • Excellent public transport
  • Great culture
  • Plenty of family-friendly activities
  • Walking and biking trails
  • Affordability and space
  • Plethora of Youth Sport Options
  • Everything Near By
  • Low Crime Rate**

Which Zip Code is Best for you?

Suburban Apartment Parking |

If you’re deciding between the different neighborhoods in the Northeast, you need to consider a variety of factors before making your decision. Here are some –

  • How much can you afford to rent or buy?
  • Is ease of parking important to you?
  • Do you want open spaces and parks?
  • How close do you want to be to shopping and entertainment centers?
  • Do you want to live close to restaurants?
  • Do you want to live in a house or apartment?

Check out our exclusive Northeast Philly Guide. Once you start to consider all these factors, you can narrow down different neighborhoods based on what each of them has to offer for your lifestyle. Once you’re able to narrow down your zip codes of choice, you can start looking for apartments or houses in the areas – making your search much easier. Of course, personal preference comes to play as well in terms of what zip code is best for you and your family.

Northeast Philly is surging in popularity today because it offers an excellent urban-suburban mix. If you intend to call it home, make sure you choose the zip code that perfectly fits your lifestyle and needs.


**Low crime rate based on this article:

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