Is it Cheaper to Live in Philadelphia Compared to New York?

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Is it Cheaper to Live in Philadelphia Compared to New York? | Philadelphia Skyline |

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Yes, Philadelphia is almost 40% cheaper compared to New York City.

Philadelphia vs New York: What’s the Difference?

While many people consider Philadelphia and New York to be very similar, there are actually several cost-of-living differences.

We’ll compare two upscale neighborhoods to give you an idea of the cost differences between the two cities.

A one-bedroom apartment in Chelsea in Manhattan, New York costs $4,921 on average while a one-bedroom apartment in Rittenhouse neighborhood of Philadelphia costs $2,086 per month. Chelsea costs 135% more.

fox chase train

Beautiful Fox Chase in Northeast Philadelphia Hshuvaeva, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can save even more by going to more affordable and desirable neighborhoods in the Northeast and Northwest of Philly like Chestnut Hill, Manayunk, Bustleton and Fox Chase.

How Much Can You Save By Living in Philadelphia?

In the example above, you’re saving close to $35,000 a year if you live in Philadelphia. If you live in a more affordable neighborhood, you can save another $8,000 plus a year. Not to mention more affordable food, parking, and the advantages of having substantially more green space, and less congestion.

The choice of which city to live in also depends to a large extent on your job, however, people do commute from Philadelphia to New York on a daily basis.

Since Covid19, the work-world has changed, as more and more employers are flexible, allow, and in many cases remote work. So if you have one of these flexible employers (and still want easy access to NYC), then renting in Philly might be a no-brainer considering how much more affordable the overall cost of living is.

Is it Cheaper to Live in Philadelphia Compared to New York? | Philadelphia Skyline |


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