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Planning to move to Philadelphia and don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered with this 10-step checklist.

1. Understand housing options

Philly has a variety of housing types – from single-family walk-up homes with garages along with high rises, mid-rises, and garden-style apartment complexes allowing you more flexibility of choice at more affordable rates.

2. Figure out parking

In some instances, parking may cost you a premium so make sure you ask  about parking fees if you intend to have a car in Philly. Learn about the Philly Residential parking permit (can save you major dollars).

3. Pick a neighborhood

10-Step Checklist to Plan Your Move to Philadelphia | Aerial view of neighborhoods | www.phillyaptrentals.com

You will then need to select a neighborhood to live in. If you want to live close to workplaces, then areas close to Center City are options as well as more affordable and popular neighborhoods in the Northeast and Northwest Philly. The main employment regions / locations of jobs in the greater Philadelphia area are Center City and King of Prussia (KOP).

4. Sign Up For Utilities

Follow instructions from your landlord to get signed up for proper utilities. You usually need a lease contract and utilities in your name to get a new driver’s license or other applicable proof of ID. Comcast is the largest provider of internet and TV, but you may have the option for Verizon too.

5. Get a PA Driver’s License

If you are from another state, one of the first things you will want to do is to get a local PA driver’s license. Be sure to research ahead of time for proper documentation to bring.

6. Register your Car in PA

Again, if you are from another state, you will need to get your car registered in PA (if you have a car). Be sure to research ahead of time for proper documentation to bring.

7. Know where the restaurants and take-away options are

10-Step Checklist to Plan Your Move to Philadelphia | Friends sharing tacos | phillyaptrentals.com

There are plenty of great restaurants in Philly so do your research. Apart from Center City, the Northeast and Northwest parts of the city have diverse cuisines from around the world.

8. Figure out your groceries

There are Giant supermarkets, ACME, and discount megastores like Sam’s Club and BJ’s,  but there is also a plethora of specialty stores offering different cuisines from every corner of the world. It’s good to make a list of the local and international food stores in your neighborhood and beyond. Giant has lots of smaller footprint stores and Dibruno’s (local Philadelphia favorite) is a well known local gourmet grocery store with several locations in Philly.

9. Learn about SEPTA

SEPTA trains are a good way to get to and from different parts of Philly and the surrounding suburbs so it is important to learn how the train network runs. You can also get buses.

10. Find out what you can do in Philly’s largest parks

Philly is home to three massive parks; Wissahickon, Fairmount, and Pennypack. You may want to live near them if you enjoy outdoor activities like cycling, walking, and jogging.

Use this checklist to help you better plan your seamless move to Philadelphia.


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