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Two neighborhoods in Northeast Philadelphia were ranked in the top 10 hottest, most affordable neighborhoods in the entire United States by Redfin. Out of tens of thousands of neighborhoods in the country, two of them are in Northeast Philadelphia, Bustleton and Fox Chase, respectively. So what are the benefits of living in Northeast Philadelphia? What do the locals love about living in NE Philly? Below are just 10 of the benefits:

1. Proximity to Center City – Living in Northeast Philly, you are extremely close to Center City Philadelphia, yet at a fraction of the price. A quick car ride or train can take you into Center City in about 30 minutes.

2. Cuisine from Around the World – As famous food critic Craig LaBan says, “There may be no Philly food destination more dynamic than Northeast Philly.” It’s true. Every corner is filled with an eclectic mix of cuisine from around the world. Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Italian, American, Brazilian, Portuguese, Indian, South American, Mediterranean. If you’re a foodie, this is a place to check out.

3. Lots of family-friendly activities – There are lots of family friendly activities in the Northeast too. Everything ranging from Dave and Buster’s, Burholme Golf Range and Arcade, Philadelphia Insectarium, Palace Roller Skating Center, and more.

4. Proximity to suburbs – Northeast Philly is very close in proximity to Montgomery County and Bucks County, as well as many New Jersey suburbs. If you work in the suburbs or have family there, or simply want to take advantage of some of the many activities and farms in the suburbs, you are a short drive away.

5. Mix of Urban and Suburban – NE Philly is the perfect mix of urban meets suburban. You have the density of all the shops but in a sprawling suburban like setting. It can be nice to not carry all your groceries through the city and instead put the items in your car and drive home.

6. Ample On-Site Parking – As an urban meets suburban area, it should come as no surprise that most residences come with a parking spot, and most apartment buildings in the area contain on-site parking for at least one car. This can be a nice change of pace from parking in center city which can cost up $250 to $500 per car per month.

7. Affordability – NE Philly is extremely affordable. In fact, Redfin ranked Bustleton and Fox Chase as among the top hottest affordable neighborhoods in the country. You can get a three bedroom single-family house from the low to mid $200Ks to upwards of the $500Ks. There are also several Northeast Philadelphia Apartment Complexes that are considerably more affordable than Center City.

8. Lots of Shopping – There are tons of shopping centers on every corner of Northeast Philly ranging from super markets, boutique markets, cafes, retail, and more. There is a strong mixture of big box stores and locally independent owned stores.

9. Lot of Youth Sports – NE Philly has a long history of youth sports. For soccer, there is the Bustleton Bengals, Lighthouse Soccer Club, Philadelphia Soccer Club, Fox Chase Soccer club. For more general youth sports, check out Somerton Youth Organization, Parkwood Youth Organization, and Lansing Knights Youth Organization.

10. Home to lots of Parks – If being near parks is important to you, Northeast Philly is home to Pennypack Park, a sprawling green space of 1600 acres. It has been aptly dubbed the “The Green Heart of Northeast Philadelphia.” You also have Benjamin Rush State Park, Lorimer Park (Montgomery County). You also have lots of playgrounds such as Lackman playground.



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