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Philadelphia is one of the best large cities in the United States to live in from a rent perspective. It is a major city and rents are well below other major cities such as NYC, Boston, and Washington DC.

There are some spots that are more affordable than others. You likely want to combine a good price tag with a great place to live. Luckily, Philadelphia has all that.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some neighborhoods in Philly where can likely find a 1-bedroom apartment for under $1,500.

Philadelphia Neighborhoods Under $1,500 for 1-Bedroom Apartments

Where to Find 1-Bedroom Apartments for Under $1,500 in Philadelphia? | Beautiful Fox Chase | phillyaptrentals.com

Beautiful Fox Chase in Northeast Philadelphia Hshuvaeva, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

So, if you are on a budget of $1,500 per month for a 1-bedroom apartment, where should you live? The far Northeast of Philadelphia could be your answer. What are some neighborhoods that make up this area?

  • Bustleton  a quiet neighborhood about 16 miles north of Center City. It offers a good urban-suburban mix with plenty of green, open spaces around.
  • Somerton  a peaceful residential neighborhood within close proximity to restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and parks.
  • Fox Chase plenty of parks and farmland, with biking paths, walking trails and more. Easy access to the Fox Chase Line allows you to get to Center City workplaces without difficulty.

These are amongst the hottest neighborhoods that are not only ideal to call home, but they are also very affordable when compared to prices in other cities. These particular neighborhoods are listed as some of the hottest in the entire country. Out of hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods, Fox Chase and Bustleton are some of the hottest, affordable neighborhoods in all of America, so they are great starting points for you (Source: Redfin)

The Appeal of Northeast Philadelphia

Front of the Ambassador II Apartments Philadelphia, PA. A semi-private stair case is shown to walk up to your unit.

Why is Northeast Philadelphia so desirable?

  • Rent is extremely affordable compared to Center City neighborhoods, and neighboring suburbs.
  • Parking is affordable and free in most rental buildings.
  • Historically, the area has a relatively low crime rate compared to other Philadelphia Neighborhoods, especially many Center City Philadelphia Neighborhoods *
  • Filled with green tree cover. many neighborhoods in the area fringe the 1,600-acre Pennypack Park, which is one of the largest parks in the city.
  • It has some of the greenest neighborhoods in the City according to standards of tree canopy coverage by City of Philadelphia and University of Vermont Spatial Analysis lab.
  • Excellent outdoor activities with plenty of walking tracks, youth sports for children, cycling paths and much more.
  • Amazing restaurants and shopping options within a short distance.
  • Easy proximity to highways and public transport
  • Access to trains bound for New York City or Washington DC if you want to visit friends and family or for work.
  • Lots of opportunities to be involved with local communities and events.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why Northeast Philadelphia is a popular choice to find a 1-bedroom apartment that rents for less than $1,500 a month.

*Note: No area is crime-free and no one can guarantee safety. Having said that, historical crime rates can be measured and should be looked at when you’re deciding where to live. Check out the Philadelphia Inquiriers crime rate statistics for the last 30 days.

**Note: Prices in this area are currently under $1,500 for most 1 bedrooms as of the date this article was first written, but prices change regularly and it’s possible for prices to exceed this $1,500 mark.


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