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You may hear people use the term “garden-style apartment”, but what exactly does this mean?

In this article, we cover an easy-to-understand definition, and so much more.

Let’s get started!

What is a Garden-Style Apartment?

A garden-style apartment refers to a type of an apartment building, and is an outdoor-style (garden) complex that can be one, two, or three stories in height (low rise).

The complex is also further characterized by garden-like settings – surrounded by lawns, trees, shrubbery, and gardens.

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Garden-Style vs Midrise

In a downtown or more-dense urban environment, you usually have “mid-rises” and/or “high-rise” buildings.

A mid-rise apartment building is usually characterized as an internal building that looks like a high-rise but is not as ‘tall’ in height.

Mid-rises are usually 5 to 7 stories, whereas a garden-style is normally three stories or less.

Pros of Garden Style Living

landscaping apartment complex

The exact definition of a garden-style apartment is not too important and some people may have slightly different definitions. The possible benefits however, are worth noting:

  • Easy access. When you wake up in the morning, you usually don’t have to travel very far to get to your car (assuming the building has good on-site parking).
  • More spread out from your neighbors. Most of the garden-style buildings are generally more spread out as opposed to a mid or high rise.
  • Lots of greenery. By definition, because they are outside, many garden-style communities are characterized by green space. A good management company keeps this greenery, flowers, and landscaping looking beautiful. Oftentimes, there are interior courtyards.
  • Amenities on-site. Because of their space, many garden-style complexes have amenities like a clubhouse and pool.
  • Private Entrance Possibility – With garden style apartment, you have the possibility of private entrances where you can walk directly into your apartment home.
  • Surface Parking – Typically, in garden style apartment, you have surface parking spots, as opposed to garage parking

There are advantages and disadvantages to different building types, but it’s also a personal decision and one that’s going to vary depending on your options and preferences.

Are Garden Style Apartments Nice?

which apartment floor to live on

Yes, Garden Style Apartments can be very nice. In fact, it is possible for garden style apartments to be built with an equal amenity package (if not superior) to mid and high-rise buildings.  The better question to ask is what makes a good apartment building.

Are Garden Style Apartments Cheaper?

Park Place One Apartments property exterior

Not necessarily. You need to consider location, size of the units, amenities offered, quality of upkeep, and so on.

In general though, because garden-style apartments tend to be on the outskirts of major cities, all things being equal, they tend to offer cheaper rents than the downtown urban core.

Do Garden Style Apartments Have an Elevator?

Most garden-style apartments are walk-ups with exterior staircases. These staircases are usually open to weather elements, but some staircases are partially covered.



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