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How Safe Are Apartments?

The choice between an apartment and a house depends on numerous dynamics – your budget, lifestyle, taste, and more. You might be asking are apartments safe? How safe are apartments? Many people believe apartment living is safer than houses because there can be a...

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Benefits Of A First Floor Apartment

When you hunt for an apartment and compare apartments, your laundry list is probably a mile long – price, lifestyle, space and so much more. Many renters like the idea of choosing apartments on the highest floors with the best views. But, have you considered the...

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Should I Live in An Apartment Or Condo?

Should I Live in An Apartment Or Condo?

Should I live in an apartment or condo? Apartments and condos are similar in style because they refer to multiple units within a building or complex. But it's important to understand the differences, so you can decide what's right for you. What Are The Main...

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Are Apartment Walls Soundproof?

Are Apartment Walls Soundproof?

Are apartment walls soundproof? Some apartments are and some are not.* While there are a lot more sound proofing elements that go into sound control, below are some questions to ask to determine if your apartment walls are soundproof. • What type of walls are there in...

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