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What exactly is Scandinavian Furniture? Think you know what it is, but how does one describe it?

You’ve come to the right place.

Sample Scandinavian Furniture Below

Scandinavian furniture living room

What is Scandinavian Furniture?

Derived from Nordic influences, clean, Scandinavian furniture is defined by simple lines and minimalism. Let’s find out more about what makes this furniture style so popular today.

What is Special About Scandinavian Furniture?

With its focus on clean lines and neat craftsmanship, Scandinavian furniture is rooted in simplicity without compromising aesthetic beauty. The idea is to be as uncluttered as possible without any protruding or ornate elements overpowering the room.

It is more restrained with curves, and color is used sparingly. Symmetry, style and function are important with an emphasis on clutter-free.

What is Scandinavian Furniture Made Of?

Scandinavian furniture uses natural materials like pale woods, linen, textiles, leather, wicker, cotton, glass, and wool.

Bright color accents may be used. Woods such as ash, beech, and pine, all commonly found in the Nordic countries, are common.

Popular colors include oatmeal, grey, brown, beige, ivory, and cream – all of which can create a warm and cozy feel.

You can even add pops of color.

What are the Features of Scandinavian Furniture?

Scandinavian Style Dining Set in Apartment | www.phillyaptrentals.com

  • Minimalistic design and clean lines
  • Muted or light colors and neutral tones
  • Wooden, brass or steel accents
  • Tactile fabrics

Scandinavian Furniture vs. Nordic Design

It’s easy to interchange the two concepts since Scandinavian furniture draws from Nordic influences.

Technically, Scandinavian design comes from three countries – Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It reflects minimalism, simplicity and functionality.

Nordic design draws from international influences and may incorporate elements from more countries including Finland and Iceland.

Where to Buy Scandinavian Furniture?

There are many online websites that sell Scandinavian-style furniture but perhaps the most popular shop is IKEA, known worldwide for its sleek designs and minimalistic vision. Other popular places include West Elm, Blu Dot, Hayneedle, and Wayfair.

Check out the different price points and options.

Are you ready to incorporate Scandinavian furniture pieces into your home or apartment? Now that you are more familiar with its materials and style, you can start looking for pieces that go beautifully in your living space. Blend your furniture with lighting and plants to create an exquisite Scandinavian finish.

Looking for other furniture decorating styles, check out our furniture style guide.



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