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When you move into an apartment, you naturally want to make it look as lovely as possible. So, if you are ready to give your apartment that extra pop and luxe factor, follow these tips. Just remember, less is more in many cases when you’re looking to go glam!

Take It Room By Room

Don’t try to do everything at once because it may end up being a cluttered mess – in your head and on display. Instead, go room by room. Most people prefer to start with the entryway and living room as they are the first thing people see when they enter your apartment and therefore have the biggest visual impact.

Flowers Make an Apartment Feel Expensive |

Set Up Flowers

Faux flowers add a luxurious feel almost instantly. And with modern examples, they look as close to the real thing as possible.

Choose muted colors that blend into your décor but still pop out. Some sites to check out when making a purchase include Afloral, and

Purchase Real Home-Plants

Check out Bloom (or others) which offer an amazing array of real-life plants specifically meant for small-size living. For example, Bloomscape offers an array of plants to transform your space. Can check out Bloomscape, The Sill, or go to a local plant store.


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Consider an Entry Mirror

An entry mirror opens up the space tremendously and makes your entryway look stunning. Consider adding a small under mirror table where you can put mail as well as your keys and wallet.

Get an area rug near the couch


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An area rug with a plush pile is another furnishing that is relatively inexpensive but adds out-sized visual appeal. Choose a color that will go well with your couch. For example, if your couch is grey, you may want a light blue area rug. For popular washable area rug websites, check out Ruggable, RugsDirect, and others.

Put Throw Pillows and Blankets on the Couch

Throw pillows and throw blankets can really soften up the space and make it look luxurious. There are many options out there, but the softer materials are far more appealing and opulent. For example, check out Target’s Throw Pillows Collection

Decorative Wooden Weave Storage Basket

Add a decorative wooden weave storage basket to give you that gorgeous Hamptons look in the apartment. It can also help you keep any room organized and tidy. For example, check out Target’s Collection.

Add a Scent

A scent or diffuser can add a delightful smell that delivers plush appeal in your living spaces.

Hang Wall-Framed Tasteful Artwork

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Tasteful artwork can quickly elevate a space and make it look even more glamorous. Again, here, less is more. A muted design incorporating floral prints or landscapes can look gorgeous. For examples, check out: SimplyFramed,, or Framebridge.

Leverage Storage

Use as much as possible to reduce the clutter on your floors and open spaces. A neat room promptly looks more luxurious. Consider under bed storage and under cabinet storage. For examples, check out: options on Amazon, ContainerStore

Add Stylish Lamps

Stylish lamps add both light and decorative value to make your apartment look more glamorous.

Add Some Kitchen Counter Warmers

Perhaps here you could have a luxe set of cooking utensils neatly on display, a fruit bowl, or a propped-up wood-trimmed cutting board. The key is to make it look warm and friendly. You could even add some fresh lemons or limes to the counter.

Use White Towels

Hanging white towels in the bathroom can really warm up the space and make it look like a 5-star hotel. Try it out. You’ll be surprised.

Use Luxe Toothbrush & Bathroom Holders

Even the smallest details matter. If you are going to leave your toothbrushes out, try some luxe toothbrush holders like this from West Elm, this from Anthropologie, and similar goes for soap dishes. Just, unlike in the kitchen, don’t leave things out on the counter.

Put Entryway Mat Outside

An entryway mat outside your apartment can really warm up the space and set the tone for the inside of your apartment.

Hire a Virtual Interior Designer

A virtual interior designer doesn’t have to be expensive and can start at around $500 to help you make your apartment look more upscale.

Use these tips to add more perceived luxe value to your apartment, and have all your friends and family talking about your beautiful new apartment.

*hopefully this gives you a nice start. Check out products for yourself to see what works best for you and your family.


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