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Moving to Philly is an easy decision because of its affordable cost of living and easy access to major cities like New York and Washington D.C. If you are confused about which neighborhood is best suited to you, it’s ideal to find ways to compare the cost of living in specific Philly neighborhoods. Here we compare the cost of living in Center City Philly versus Northeast Philly.

Average cost of a 1 and 2-Bedroom Apartment

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The choice to live in a studio, one or two-bedroom will depend on your specific lifestyle needs. If you are a family with children, you may prefer a slightly bigger space but if you are on your own, a 1-bedroom might be enough for your needs. Before you start your apartment hunt in specific areas, it’s a good idea to get a cost comparison so you are aware of how much to budget for. In many neighborhoods across Northeast Philly, the average one and two-bedroom costs are:

  • Average rent of a 1-bedroom is $1,055 per month
  • Average rent of a 2-bedroom is $1,255 per month

In neighborhoods like Washington Square and Old City, the average costs are:

  • Average rent of a 1-bedroom is $2,398 per month
  • Average rent of a 2-bedroom is $3,000+ per month

Cost of parking

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If you own or will have a car by the time you move in, from a parking point of view, parking in Northeast Philly is usually free while Washington Square and Old City would set you back around $250 per month. This is because Northeast Philly has more open space. In comparison, space is quite limited closer to downtown areas, which is why parking usually comes at a premium.

Savings in the Northeast Philly compared to Center City

If you are looking to boost your savings, Northeast Philadelphia apartments for rent might offer more opportunities. Renting a 2-bedroom apartment with two cars in Northeast Philadelphia would help a family save about $27,000 for the year.

If you choose to dine out in the Northeast, you pay about $40 for two people in comparison to shelling out between $75 and $100 in Center City.

Shopping and groceries in Northeast Philly are also typically more affordable with more opportunities to get discounts. If you choose to live in Northeast Philly versus Center City, you could easily end up saving at least $30,000+ per year.

The choice between living in Center City and Northeast Philly will depend on what you want out of your life. This is a purely personal decision to make but if you need to find more ways to save money than Northeast Philadelphia might be the right choice for you.

Last Updated: January 2022 (Rent Data)


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