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In 2020, 216,000 New York City residents moved out of NYC.¹

Do people commute from Philly to NYC? Yes, people certainly do that.

Even with travel, one can still save approximately $33,000 to $41,000 a year or more by living in Philadelphia.

Keep reading for a list of options on how to do the commute, and the related approximate costs.

Are people moving to Philadelphia?

Yes, thousands of people have moved from NYC area to Philadelphia due in large part to cost of living.

With the rise of work-from-home and flex schedules, living in Philadelphia and commuting to NYC has become an increasingly viable option.

Affordability, walkability, more space and easy access to city life is attracting people from more expensive markets to resettle in the Philadelphia area — particularly since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and shift to remote work. New York transplants are leading the way” Philadelphia Business Journal.

Do People Commute from Philly to NYC?

Yes. Commuting from Philly to NYC is increasing in popularity and has several options, depending on budget and preferred mode of transportation. We cover virtually all options in this guide.

How to Commute from Philadelphia to New York?

Option 1 – Amtrak

This is the most expensive option but perhaps the most comfortable. Take the Amtrak from 30th Street Station (at 30th and JFK – in Center City Philadelphia) or Ardmore Station (good option but can be pricier) if you are coming from Northwest Philly or a nearby Main Line suburb.  Live near Yardley or Northeast Philadelphia? You can also take the Amtrak from Trenton Station or Princeton Junction.

TRAVEL TIME: ~1 hour 20 min from 30th Street Station + travel time

MONTHLY PRICE: ~$1,000/month from 30th Street Station. **

pro-tip: cheaper if you only need 10 rides per month (check out 10-ride ticket passes)

Option 2 – New Jersey Transit 

New Jersey Transit (NJT) is significantly more affordable than Amtrak, but perhaps less luxurious. You can drive to any of the following stations for an easy train ride: Trenton, Hamilton, or Princeton stop.

TRAVEL TIME:  ~1 hour 10 minutes from Trenton + travel time

MONTLHY PRICE: ~$475/month unlimited pass (subject to changes). **

Option 3 – Bus Routes

This is the cheapest option where you take a bus straight to NYC. Your options include the Bolt Bus, Greyhound or Megabus. These services usually have convenient schedules at the lowest fares.

TRAVEL TIME: ~2 hours on Megabus from Center City + travel time

MONTHLY PRICE: Contact companies for options

How Much Can I Save By Living in Philly vs New York?

The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in NYC  is $6,188 per month. In comparison, the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Philadelphia is $2,295 per month.

In this scenario, one can save over $46,000 a year by choosing to live in a 2-bedroom apartment in Philly instead of NYC. If you choose to live in a more affordable area of Philly, you can easily save more.

With travel (monthly NJ Transit rail pass of currently ~$5,700 per year), you can still save over $41,000+ a year by living in Philadelphia in a 2 Bedroom.  The cost savings are even greater for a 3 bedroom. If you factor in cost of parking and food, there’s likely an additional several thousand dollar in savings.

Even with the luxurious Amtrak monthly pass (~$13,000 a year) – assuming you had to commute every day of the week, one could still save over $33,000 a year by living in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Picture Skyline Representing Apartments for Rent in Northeast Philadelphia Pennsylvania For Rent

Where in Philly to Live to Commute to NYC?

There are several factors to consider when picking a Philadelphia Neighborhood, but if you want to minimize your commute time (and be near the trains), University City (or anywhere near 30th Street Station), Northeast Philadelphia (near Trenton Station) or Northwest Philadelphia (near Ardmore Station & 30th Street) areas of Philly are best. Compare the travel route you want to take and decide accordingly.

What else makes Philadelphia so great?

Quaint Original character (many streets are cobblestones in Old city), year-round festivals, cultural sites, amazing greenery, tree-lined streets, history, parks, foodie town, and more are among the reasons people love living in Philadelphia. Everyone’s situation is different. You’ll need to decide what’s best for you.


(1) NBC Philadelphia and U.S. Census Bureau Study
(2) This was based on a monthly adult pass of $480 or $5,760 per year based on November 2021 pricing. NJ New Jersey transit train pricing is subject to change.

**Check with respective company to verify pricing. Subject to constant changes based on demand, seasonality, and more. These are estimates only.  Fees are higher depending on starting and ending destination.

Do your own research.


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