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42% of Philadelphia jobs are located in Center City Philadelphia (this is the downtown area). Another 11% of Philadelphia jobs are located in University City.

If you have a job in Center City, but are willing to commute for more reasonable prices (129% cheaper than Center City prices), free parking, potential for swimming pools and balconies, access to parks, and near lots of retail, then the Far Northeast Philadelphia may be right for you.

The commute from Far Northeast Philadelphia to Center City has historically been of great interest, but with the advent of flexible work schedules and the need to be in the office only a few days a week, we’ve seen an increasing amount of interest on how to do the commute from the Northeast to Center City.

So how do you do this commute?

Quick Summary Video (if you prefer) and then keep reading…

NE Philadelphia to Center City Commute


  • Option 1: You can take the SEPTA train from Fox Chase Station to any of the following stops: Temple University, Jefferson Station, Suburban station, 30th Street Station.

 Approximate Travel Time: 26 minutes (Fox Chase to Jefferson Station)*

  • Option 2: You can take the SEPTA train from Philmont or Somerton station (West Trenton line) and stop at the following stops: Temple University, Jefferson Station, Suburban Station, 30th Street Station, Penn Medicine Station (for University City).

Approximate Travel Time: 29 minutes (Philmont to Jefferson Station)*


  • You can also go to I-95 South and head to Center City (exit for Center City typically at either Callowhill Street or Columbus Blvd/Washington Avenue

Approximate Travel Time: 39 minutes (varies depending on where in Northeast and traffic)


  • You can take the SEPTA Bus # 58,67,66 to Frankford Transportation Center. Once at Frankford Transportation Center, you can take Market-Frankford Line to whichever location needed in Center City (typically would be 5th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 30th).

Approximate Travel Time: 59 Minutes

How do Prices Compare?

Housing is generally 129% cheaper in Far Northeast compared to say Washington Square / Old City in Philadelphia. That’s close to $15,000 a year in savings. Not to mention, parking is typically $250 to $300 per month in Center City compared to free in the Northeast, and significantly more affordable meals.

What Else Can I Get?

In addition to just affordable rent, you have the potential to find apartment complexes with swimming pool, walking paths, balcony, in-unit washer/dryer, great food, access to Pennypack Park, and lots more reasons.

*time and stops vary based on departure times and day of week. Check SEPTA website for latest times and exact time you need to travel. Depending on what day you travel and when you leave, times may be slightly different.


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