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What is the Northeast Philadelphia Airport?

With roots dating back to 1953, the Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE) (9800 Ashton Road) sits on 1,150 acres and is the sixth busiest airport across the state of Pennsylvania. In addition to Customs, Immigration, and Government use, it is also an airport people fly into for private jet charters across Philly.

Where Is The Northeast Philadelphia Airport Located?

The Northeast Philadelphia Airport is located about 13 miles away from Center City Philly. The distance between this airport and the Philadelphia International Airport to Center City is almost the same (13 miles vs 10 miles, respectively), and have almost identical commute times to Center City during non-rush hours, though they are on opposite ends of the city.

Bordering Academy Road to its east, Grant Avenue to its south, and Roosevelt Boulevard to its west, the airport has two paved runways at about 7,000 feet and 5,000 feet respectively, according to the current information posted on its website.

The airport has an average of 215-based aircraft, which include jets, helicopters, single-engine aircraft, twin engines, and turboprops.

What Is The Northeast Philadelphia Airport Used For?

The Northeast Philadelphia Airport is typically used to provide ‘on-call’ services from the Immigration and United States Department of Agriculture and U.S. customs catering to the government and corporate community for their international travel needs.

NE Philadelphia Airport | Jets on Runway | www.phillyaptrentals.com

While PNE doesn’t offer commercial flights for everyday consumers, it serves as an option to facilitate lots of other air travel needs. Many of the operations cater to private jet charters, government, private aviation, and other business travel.

What Kind Of Ground Services Are Provided At The Airport?

There are also two fixed-base operators – North Philadelphia Jet Center (NORPAC) and Atlantic Aviation at the airport – according to their website. Some of their services include –

– Ground handling for passengers and luggage
– Rental Cars
– Conference Room
– Catering
– Lavatory and interior cleaning

What Kind Of Residences Are Available Near The Airport?

Northeast Philadelphia Airport is surrounded by light development in the immediate area, along with a variety of apartments, condominiums, and residences to its East, West, and South.

If you are looking for a short-term stay, there are a variety of hotels near the airport.

If you want to live near Northeast Philadelphia Airport, for work or convenience, there are plenty of apartments available for your specific lifestyle needs. From spacious floor plans to premium features to easy commuting options to on-site amenities, you have a lot of options.

A thorough search for Northeast apartments in any of the nearby Northeast Philadelphia neighborhoods, including Pennypack, Bustleton, and Torresdale, can help you find a variety apartments within a short 10-minute drive from Northeast Philly Airport, making it quick and easy to get to the airport when you need to.


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