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A 3-bedroom apartment can be perfect for larger families or if you share a home with a few other people, or simply want the extra space. The average rent of a 3-bedroom apartment in Philadelphia is $2,588.00(1) although you may end up paying more or less depending on the neighborhood and type of apartment you choose. Some 3-bedroom apartments cost over $3,500 while others cost a lot less.

The average cost per square foot for a 3-bedroom apartment is about $1.84 per square foot so the average 3-bedroom apartment size is around 1,400 square feet. This is a nice size apartment.

What to Consider

There are some factors to consider in order to make sure your 3-bedroom apartment search is successful.

What do you Want From the Neighborhood?

What Apartment Community Amenities Are Important | Apartment Tennis Court and Playground | www.phillyaptrentals.com

Remind yourself what you are looking for in a neighborhood. Does it provide a friendly vibe without being too bustling? Or do you prefer to be in the middle of the action? Do you drive a car or need to be next to public transport? How long does it take to get to work? Are you near schools?

What Does Crime Look Like in the Area?

If the area has a higher crime rate than average, you may want to consider looking at an alternative. Remember no neighborhood is ever crime-free, but crime can be measured historically and might be something you want to take into consideration when choosing a neighborhood.

How is the Apartment Sized?

What is the layout of the rooms in the apartment? Are the bedrooms side-by-side or are they spread out within the apartment? Depending on your comfort level with your roommate or family, this may change your preference. Is it big enough to meet all your needs? Are there enough bathrooms to accommodate everyone? Is there a balcony to enjoy the outdoors?

What Type of Apartment Community is it?

Are the community and grounds well maintained? Make sure you consider the community as much as the apartment features.

What Amenities are on Offer?

Apartment With a Pool | Friends in Pool | phillyaptrentals.com

If you spend significant time in your apartment complex on weekends, or simply enjoy meeting new people, then you may want a building with amenities as well. For example, swimming pools can be great for people who want to focus on staying healthy and enjoying the summer. What amenities are important to you?

Be sure to do thorough research when choosing a 3-bedroom apartment to rent.

Check out this article for the average rent prices across all apartments in Philadelphia.

(1) Rent Data from Costar Analytics August 2020


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