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Should you live with a roommate? Staying in an apartment with roommates can be a lot of fun, but you will also need to consider how much rent each individual pays. If one of the rooms is significantly larger than the other, should that roommate pay more? Generally, the threshold is that if there is a noticeable difference in size to the naked eye, it is typically expected and fair for one roommate to pay about 2 to 7 percent more, depending on the size difference.

Should a Roommate with a Larger Bedroom Pay More Rent

There is no set rule because it depends on the agreement between you and your roommate. But, in general, having a roommate with a larger bedroom pay more is considered an acceptable practice. It doesn’t have to be a significant increase, but paying 2 to 7 percent more than other roommates might be considered fair. This should be an agreement between you and your roommate(s) and your landlord likely will have nothing to do with it.

There are other considerations for splitting rent with roommates.

Should You Split Rent Based on Bedroom Features and Size

Master bedrooms with extra storage and en suite facilities are considered a luxury so you might consider having that roommate pay more. Consider if one roommate has a huge walk-in closet when the other does not.

Should Parking Influence the Distribution of Rent

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If one roommate gets to park in the designated spot within the apartment complex, ideally they should be paying additional rent. If the spot is shared between roommates (one person parks in the spot one day, the other parks inside on the next), then you may consider splitting the rent equally.

What About Utilities

If some roommates use more features in the apartment (more than others), then there might be an agreement where they agree to pay more. For example, if someone wants the air conditioning running overnight, then perhaps they can pay extra for the additional comfort. If one person wants to pay for high-speed internet for gaming, then perhaps they pay the additional costs for that.

Get It in Writing

At a minimum, make sure everything is agreed to by all roommates and understood. Getting this in writing is a good way to eliminate any confusion down the road. Having everything in writing (including rent and utilities, along with the percentage of payout) eliminates any awkward conversations later on.

Deciding how much rent each roommate pays can be a tough conversation, but using these guidelines should provide talking points, and help to formulate an agreement that is equitable to all parties.

Remember, if one roommate fails to pay, you could be held responsible for his or her rent, regardless of whether it’s your fault. Check your lease to confirm.


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