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Is living alone better than living with a roommate? While there are distinct advantages to living alone, such as peace and quiet, there are also potential disadvantages such as higher rent bills (since you are not splitting them), potential loneliness.

When you live alone you don’t have to worry about others’ messes, but you will incur higher cost of living.

Find out why some people prefer it and others do not.

Advantages of Living Alone


  • More freedom without having to worry about a roommate – read books, watch TV, surf the Internet.
  • Choose food you want to eat – cook if you want, order takeout when you want – the choice is yours.
  • No compromises for roommate such as going to bed earlier than you want
  • Can split chores in the house
  • Quieter

Disadvantages of Living Alone

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  • Spending more in rent since there is no roommate to share the costs .
  • Potentially can feel lonely
  • More chore time since there is no one to split chores with
  • You may spend more time on the Internet and less time socially interacting with other people, which can be difficult for your emotional wellbeing.

Should You Live Alone or With a Roommate?

There are some pros and cons of living alone. Living with a roommate may not be better than living alone, but it could still be nice to live with someone you love or at least like. The wrong roommate can make your life very difficult.

Ultimately, the decision to stay alone or with a roommate is a personal choice – one that you need to make on your own after deciding what works best for you. Everyone’s situation is different. Some people like the peace and solitude of a solo lifestyle, while others enjoy the comfort of company. If you are going to have a roommate, be sure to ask your potential roommate important questions before agreeing to room together.

Pro Tip: If you are going to live with a roommate, consider the exact floor plan and layout of the apartment you will live in. There are some floor plans (where each bedroom is on the opposite side of the apartment with its own bathroom) that are better designed for when you have a roommate.


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