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You’ve just moved into your apartment complex, are excited about trying the in-house gym, only to be disappointed.

So, why do apartment gyms have few options?

There are several reasons including, expensive equipment, liability issues, and limited space.

Let’s go into more detail on each.

1. Apartment Gyms are Expensive

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Cardio and weightlifting equipment is expensive to buy and maintain over time, especially for a limited number of households.

Whereas a commercial gym can spread the cost over thousands of members; an apartment building has to spread the cost over maybe just 100 people.

Good equipment can run into thousands of dollars, which can add up very quickly.

2. Liability Issues

Apartment gyms are often not staffed.

If someone injures themselves while on a machine, some insurance companies will not cover it.

For this reason, many apartment complexes have certain clauses about using the gym and weightlifting equipment at their own risk.

Nonetheless, certain weightlifting options may be precluded if they are perceived as higher risk.

3. Operating a Gym is Not the Core Business

The owners of the apartment complex are in the apartment rental business, and not the gym business.

In this instance, they may not know anything about sourcing the right weightlifting equipment or even what type of equipment you or most renters prefer.

Rather, most apartment owners just want to be able to market that they indeed have a gym.

4. Limited Space

Most apartment complexes do not have enough space.

While apartment gyms are a popular amenity, many renters still go to outside gyms, resulting in the landlord allocating less space for a gym.

It’s a chicken or egg problem…

How Big Should Apartment Gym Be?

Apartment gyms should allocate approximately 10 to 12 square feet per resident.

Therefore, in an apartment building with 100 residents, that would mean, a gym of only 1,000 to 1,200 square feet.

Not very large, but this is the industry-standard.

Pros of Good Apartment Gym

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Having said the above, there are many pros to an apartment gym that has a decent selection of weightlifting equipment, including:

1. Less Crowded

Apartment gyms tend not to be crowded so get your workout in at the times you want.

2. Free

Apartment gyms are usually included in the rent or amenity fee that you likely have to pay for (regardless of usage).

3.  Social

Meet neighbors at the gym.

4.  Convenient

Simply walking downstairs to the gym is a lot easier than getting in your car and going to the gym.

5.  Bring your own video

A good apartment gym will have enough space where you can bring your own workout program or video.

In summary, an apartment gym is great for those doing exercise as a leisure activity. However, if you are into hardcore gym exercise and weightlifting, then you probably wont want to  let go of that membership yet.

Hopefully, you now have the context as to why apartment gyms can be so limited in their assortment of exercise equipment.


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