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When you hunt for an apartment and compare apartments, your laundry list is probably a mile long – price, lifestyle, space and so much more. Many renters like the idea of choosing apartments on the highest floors with the best views. But, have you considered the benefits that make a first-floor apartment appealing? There are many benefits to a first-floor apartment including, fewer stairs, more convenience, and possibly lower utility costs. Below are six specific benefits of a first-floor apartment:

1. Fewer Stairs To Walk Up

If you’re in a first-floor apartment, you have fewer stairs to walk up. This can make it much easier for so many reasons –

  • When moving in or out of the apartment
  • When / if elevators break down
  • While carrying heavy grocery bags
  • When taking your baby out in a stroller
  • When elderly family members or those who have difficulty walking come to visit
  • When taking out the garbage

2. More Convenient To Get In And Out Of Your Apartment

Easy Access to Apartment Entrance

If you’re on the first floor, it’s more convenient to leave or return to your apartment. Here’s why –

  • First-floor apartments are typically closer to parking lots, which means it’s quicker to get into your car.
  • If you have a backdoor exit, you don’t have to use shared entries. This means no wasting time making small talk with neighbors when you’re in a hurry.
  • You’ll get in and out faster, which is great when you’re late to work or in a hurry.
  • It’s easier to rush to the shops without wasting any extra time.

3. No Neighbors Living Below You

Woman In Apartment Covering Ears to Mask Noise Below|

When you live on the top floors, you invariably have neighbors living below who hear everything. And if the apartment floors / walls are too thin, chances are you’re going to have a few noise complaints. On the first floor, you don’t have to worry about the noise that comes from –

  • Walking about in shoes
  • Kids running around
  • Moving furniture
  • Pets moving around

Hardwood floors can sometimes exaggerate noise issues, so it can be worth living on the first floor to avoid any conflicts.

4. Possibility Of Lower Costs

Higher-floor apartments might be well and good, but if you have a more down-to-earth budget, then first floor apartments might come with the benefit of lower costs and savings. Since heat rises, all things being equal, a first-floor apartment stays cooler than upper-level floors, which means you could spend less on heating bills if you are paying based on usage.

5. Easier Access To Courtyards, Gardens, Amenities, And Mailboxes

Apartment entrance with mailbox slots |

Living on the first floor gives you easier access to community courtyards, gardens, and mailboxes. In a garden-style apartment complex, you could literally have a backyard you can call your own without having to worry about maintenance.

    • You won’t have to climb up or down any steps or wait for an elevator.
    • You can check your mailbox regularly so you won’t miss important communication.
    • You can spend more time outdoors without being far from your home.
    • You can get to amenities like pools and gyms quicker.

6. Easier When You Have Pets

If your apartment complex allows pets, a first-floor apartment can make it easier. Pets enjoy spending time outdoors, which can make it hard when you’re on a higher floor.

The bottom line? First-floor apartments have many benefits including, fewer stairs to walk up, more convenience to get in and out of the apartment, no neighbors living below you, possibly lower costs, easier access to courtyards and amenity areas, and easier for pets (if allowed by your apartment building). Now, when you’re looking for an apartment, perhaps you’ll consider living on the first floor.


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