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Are you looking to find an apartment for rent in Northeast Philadelphia? Generally speaking, the steps to finding an apartment are similar across geographies, but this blog post is specifically dedicated to helping people who know they want to live in the Northeast Philadelphia area find and rent an apartment.

Step 1: Pick a move-in date or range of move-in dates for when you would like to move into your new home. This is important as availability of apartments changes frequently. If you can help it, it’s a good idea to have a range of dates in mind for your move-in date.

Step 2: Pick the specific area(s) or neighborhood(s) you want to move into. Northeast Philadelphia is a very large area at over 50 square miles in size, so figuring out which neighborhoods within the northeast you are interested in is an important step. If you have lived in Northeast Philadelphia before or you’re familiar with the area, you know there are specific neighborhoods or areas such as: Somerton (19116), Bustleton (19115), Fox Chase (19111), Bells Corner (19111 and 19152), and others. To learn more about the different neighborhoods (including schools, parks, public transportation and other decision making criteria) or to see a custom map of various neighborhoods within the Northeast, check out our Northeast Philadelphia Guide.

Step 3: Once you know the specific neighborhood(s) you want to live in, create a list of apartments in the area that meet your must-have needs. For example, is the apartment within walking distance to restaurants/grocery stores? Is it secure? Or, perhaps your needs call for a specific in-unit feature such as a balcony. Then, schedule time to visit in-person all of the communities on your list. An in-person visit (if possible) is the best way to get a feel for the apartments, the complex, staff and overall atmosphere (i.e. does it feel like the place you want to come home to every day).

Step 4: Compare the apartments. At this point, after touring the properties you’re interested in, you probably have a feeling as to where you want to live, but it can be prudent to take a more systematic approach as well. We have created a three part beginner blog series on this already: Part I Comparing Value, Part II Affordability, and Part III Comparing Location, Lifestyle and Reputation (LLR).

Step 5: You may have follow up questions for your top choice. Be sure to review our post on  Questions to Ask Before Signing a Lease.

Step 6: After reading and understanding the lease terms thoroughly, sign the lease. Arrange for move-in.

Step 7: Figure out your day of move-in logistics. Plan in advance. Do you need to reserve an elevator? Do you need to notify management? Will you be moving in during normal business hours? Where will you pick up the key from?

Step 8: Move In. That’s It. So if you’re looking for a NE Philadelphia Apartment, now you’ll be better equipped to begin your search.


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