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Data in an American Express study revealed that for every $1 you spend in a local business, roughly 67% stays in the local community. Now more than ever, it is important to shop local to support business owners and communities. Not only are you supporting the health of the local economy, but you’ll also get your hands on unique products that might not be sold anywhere else.

Where to Locally in Philadelphia?

If you live in Philly and want to shop local, here are 10 Philadelphia main streets that are filled with small businesses where you can shop locally. Of course, not every shop on the street or area is local, but these streets are filled with plenty of local businesses to shop from and support.

1. East Passyunk Avenue

Shop Local in Philadelphia | Pats King of Steaks in Passyunk |

Pat’s King of Steaks in Passyunk. Image source: Ken Lund on Flickr under the Creative Commons License Agreement

Just a few minutes away from Philadelphia’s Center City is East Passyunk Avenue, which houses over 150 independent businesses. From handmade products to one-of-a-kind clothing to jewelry artisans, there’s plenty on offer. Easy Passyunk is filled with the perfect blend of fashion, flair, and food.

Street Name:  East Passyunk (cuts diagonally across from Queen Village to South Philadelphia)

Neighborhood(s): Passyunk, Queen Village

2. Chestnut Hill Main Street

Shop Local In Philly | Garden Gate Antiques in Chestnut Hill |

Garden Gate Antiques in Chestnut Hill. Image source: Susan Babbitt on Flickr under the Creative Commons License Agreement

Known as Philadelphia’s Garden District, Chestnut Hill is home to many independent businesses, restaurants, and shops on its Main Street. Here you’ll find outdoor dining venues, small boutiques, bakeries, pet shops, toy stores, antique stores, and so much more. There’s even an indoor mini-market featuring several different food concepts. The quaint street is surrounded by beautiful historic houses in a picturesque setting.

Street Name: Germantown Avenue

Neighborhood(s): Chestnut Hill

3. Manayunk Main Street

Where to Shop in Philadelphia | Main Street Manayunk |

Garden Gate Antiques in Chestnut Hill. Image source: Chrisinphilly5448 on Flickr under the Creative Commons License Agreement

Manayunk is just 15 minutes away from Center City. Its Main Street is lined with over 60 local storefronts ranging from award-winning restaurants, fitness boutiques, cafes, hair and beauty salons, dance studios, fashion stores, and home goods and accessory shops. The street is lined with Victorian Store fronts and old mill buildings, creating an urban meets suburban charm. It’s one of the most unique Main Streets in the entire region.

Street Name: Main Street

Neighborhood(s): Manayunk

4. Lancaster Avenue

Where to Shop Local in Philly | Lancaster Avenue in University City |

Lancaster Avenue in University City Philadelphia – – Image Map Data: Google Inc. 2020

Part of West Philadelphia, Lancaster Avenue is a bustling area with a range of eateries, art galleries, apparel & jewelry stores, health and beauty stores, home improvement stores, and sports shops from about 34th to 48th Streets. Closely situated to University City and the campuses of Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Street Name: Lancaster Avenue

Neighborhood(s): West Philadelphia, West Powelton

5. Antique Row – Pine Street in Center City

Antique Row, along Pine Street in Philly’s Center City, is outfitted with beautiful local shops worth visiting if you enjoy one-of-a-kind gems from handmade pottery to stunning woodcarvings to beautifully created glass to creative jewelry. Pine street is also a beautiful tree-lined street and one of the prettiest streets in Philadelphia.

Street Name: Pine Street (between 9th and Broad)

Neighborhood(s): Center City, Washington Square West

6. Jewelers’ Row

Jewelers’ row is exactly what it sounds like. A few streets comprising over a 100 locally owned Jewelry, specialists, and shops in Washington Square West that have been around. It is the oldest and second largest diamond district in the country.

Street Name: Sansom (between 7th and 8th) and along 8th street between Chestnut and Walnut.

Neighborhood(s): Washington Square West

7. Mt Airy (Germantown Ave)

Germantown Avenue in Mt Airy has plenty of unique stores and eateries fringing 300-year old historical buildings and sites that reflect the rich history of the area. Get your art, dining, culture, and shopping fix in this historic neighborhood, with quaint green pocket parks featured throughout.

Street Name: Germantown Avenue

Neighborhood(s): Mt Airy

8. Fishtown

Where to Shop Local in Philadelphia | La Columbe HQ in Fishtown |

The very popular, Philadelphia Local, La Colombe coffee shop is headquartered in Fishtown. By Peetlesnumber1Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Fishtown is just 10 minutes and from Center City home to an array of bars, music venues, restaurants, galleries, and studios making this one of the most eclectic neighborhoods in the city. Here you can find boutique hotels, large colorful murals, coffee shops, breweries, and indoor arcade games for the true Fishtown vibe.

Street Name: Frankford Avenue

Neighborhood(s): Fishtown

9. South Street / Headhouse District

Where to Shop Local in Philadelphia | South Street Headhouse District |

Garden Gate Antiques in Chestnut Hill. Image source: Jim R. Rogers on Flickr under the Creative Commons License Agreement

South Street / Headhouse District serves up arts & entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes, fashion boutiques, vintage clothing stores, and more. There are over 400 businesses here, making this one of the most shop local neighborhoods in Philly. The stores start on South Street (around 11th) filled with fashion, eateries, famous Philadelphia Magic Gardens, local music shops, and culminate east into the quaint Headhouse district with original cobblestones and one of the oldest run farmers markets in the nation.

Street Name: South Street

Neighborhood(s): Bella Vista / Society Hill

10. South 9th Street Italian Market

The South 9th Street Italian Market is the nation’s oldest outdoor market with over nearly 200 independent businesses here. The market goes over 20 city blocks with a mix of old and new local businesses including bakeries, restaurants, specialty foods, and housewares.

Street Name: S. 9th Street (parking lot is on Carpenter St between 9th & 10th Streets.)

Neighborhood(s): Bella Vista

We encourage you to shop locally no matter where you are in Philly, but these are some of the concentrated areas where it’s easy to find small, independent businesses. Shop local and support your community.


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