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What is the best apartment finder website? Some of the most popular apartment finder websites include Apartments.com, Apartmentguide.com, and Zillow.com. Virtually of all of these sites have both a website and mobile app allowing you to search for apartments across all your devices.

Top Apartment Finder Sites

Whether you’re relocating from a different city or even looking for something new in your own town, apartment finder sites are often the best way to find something that suits your needs. This guide will look into some of the best apartment finders to use and offer a surprise bonus tip at the end –


Apartments.com is one of the most comprehensive websites for rental apartments with a huge range of options to filter out your searches, including price ranges, apartment types, features, location and more.

On the website, you’ll see a map as the default view. You can search by neighborhood or zoom in and out on the map. You can even draw a polygon around specific areas of interest. You can also search for video and 3D tour listings on the website, along with guides for different neighborhoods in different cities.

You can even filter searches based on commute time from any apartment to your workplace via different modes of transportation with the ‘plan commute’ feature on its website.


Apartmentguide.com provides a range of listings with comprehensive floor plans and photos. The property listings feature in-built icons – helping you easily identify specific amenities and features.

There are plenty of filters on this website, including apartment searches, community features and much more. There’s also an Apple and Android app that makes your searches easier.


Started in 2006, Zillow is one of the most established websites for rental property searches with more than 100 million listings available online. You may think of it as a for-sale tool, but Zillow.com has a robust rental search function as well. Simply type in the zip code of any neighborhood you are interested in, to get an estimate of rental or purchase price of specific properties in the area.

Zillow also has a map view that allows you to define the region for your search.


Hotpads has been part of Zillow since 2012 and provides in-depth search options for rental properties across the entire country. Set basic searches like price range, apartment type, size and then use your own keywords to filter for more specific amenities.

A user-friendly map is your default view, along with an apartment list next to it. You’ll also see the apartment’s proximity to bike lanes, public transportation and more. If you want, you can also use the filter that enables searches for listings ONLY with multiple photos, which is a great time saver.


Zumper has comprehensive reports of rental markets in different regions, which makes it a great guide for renters who don’t know specifically what to look for. There are descriptions of weather, neighborhoods, landmark, culture and more to help people get a more detailed breakdown of different areas they may be interested in.

The website also has local expertise in the search results with a ‘map view’ feature that lets you select individual neighborhoods to search for listings.

Bonus Tip: How to Find Local Community Apartment Websites?

But apart from these, you can also type in specific keywords like ‘Apartments in …neighborhood’ to find direct local apartment community websites in the exact neighborhood you are looking for. There are often smaller buildings and other hidden gems that can be found when searching directly for apartments versus the mega apartment finder websites. Since searching online is free, perhaps you can try both the apartment finder websites and conduct a direct search online – and compare the results.

If you’re looking for the best apartment finder in the country, take a look at these lists and begin your search today.



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