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Thanks in large part to the internet, especially online review websites and rankings, choosing the right apartment for you and your family has become much easier. Less time and energy has to be spent on searching endlessly online for the *perfect* apartment; more time can now be devoted to acting taking the next steps in renting that dream apartment. This has been the single greatest advance for consumers searching for a rental community to call home.

ORA Rankings
J. Turner Research, the powerhouse of all these research companies in the apartment industry and much like the well known J. D. Power which ranks automobiles, is an independent highly respected research company focused on apartment satisfaction. J. Turner tracks and analyzes the online reputation of more than 55,000 apartment properties across multiple online reputation websites. To overcome the challenge of multiple ratings scales, J. Turner devised a statistical model that established a single score (the ORA score) for each property representative of the aggregates of ratings websites. The research is thorough, exhaustive, fair and impartial.

In 2016’s ORA Rankings, measuring online customer satisfaction, Park Place One Apartments was nationally recognized as the 5th best reviewed apartment building across the entire United States, and the 1st ranked Apartment building throughout Pennslyvania. Park Place One Apartments is managed by Fidelity Management Corporation and is located in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Fidelity Management Corporation is located in Philadelphia and manages a number of luxury apartment communities including Ambassador Apartments, Ambassador II, Imperial Manor III, and of course: Park Place One Apartments.

Multi-Family ExecutiveJ Turner Research did the analysis for MFE (Multi-Family Executive) Magazine, a national magazine and voice for the industry. In 2014, Park Place One Apartments was ranked 25th nationally, and 5th in Pennsylvania. In issuing the award by MFE, J. Turner Research announced, “The biggest gainer since 2014 is Park Place One Apartments, Philadelphia, PA, managed by Fidelity Management. The property has raced from being number 25 in 2014 with an ORA™ score of 84 to number five in 2015 with an ORA™ score of 93.”

Customer satisfaction should be high on every consumer’s list when they look for an apartment community to call home. The internet has greatly improved the consumer’s ability to select an apartment home that not only meets their budget, fulfills their family needs (amenities, features and location), but also enhances the likelihood of a good experience. No community can hope to satisfy every customer. In fact, J. Turner Research’s top selection nationally for the highest rated building had an ORA score of 94. Obviously, J. Turner Research won’t list every one of the 55,000 buildings they reviewed, but if your community and by extension the management company makes their list, you can be nearly certain that the community is built on quality and has a management team in place that is responsive and competent and caring.

So when you begin your search for a new home, in addition to reviewing the location, your ability to afford the rent, fees, term of lease, features and amenities, fire safety, and sound control, make sure to give ample consideration to what present and former residents have to say. This will greatly increase the likelihood that you will make the right decision for you and your family.


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