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When it comes to the bathroom, many tenants feel that decorating is a big challenge due to its small size and lack of flexibility.

Thankfully, bathroom decor doesn’t have to be complicated. There are plenty of ways tenants can spruce up their bathrooms without breaking the bank or the rules.

Accessorize Your Countertops

Bathroom accessories can make a drab bathroom feel elegant without making any major changes. Shop for a matching lotion and soap dispenser set, a nice toothbrush holder, and a cosmetics organizer to place on the countertop to store your toiletries without looking cluttered. Selecting accessories that match a certain theme or color scheme can add a touch of class to your bathroom without breaking the budget.

Add a Nice Shower Curtain

If your bathroom has a shower without a glass door, shop for a shower curtain that matches the decor theme. Lighter colors like white and beige can help your bathroom feel bigger, while textured fabric shower curtains can help to look more expensive. Line it with a plastic shower curtain liner that sits behind the tub wall to prevent water from escaping the space during showers and causing damage.

Place a Luxury Bath Mat on the Floor

A bath mat can make your bathroom more comfortable and inviting. By matching the colors in your bath mats to your shower curtain and other accessories, your decor will feel more cohesive and intentional.

Purchase White Towels

Clean White Towels in Bathroom |

Just as a white shower curtain can help your bathroom feel larger and more open, white towels on your towel racks can create the same effect. White towels also add an element of hotel-style luxury to any bathroom. Consider purchasing a set that includes two bath towels and two hand towels.

Add Over-the-Toilet Storage

While most apartments don’t allow tenants to mount anything to the wall, you can purchase an over-the-toilet shelf that sits on the floor, giving you extra space to place toiletries and decor.

What color makes a small bathroom look bigger?

Lighter colors including white, creme, or grey will help to make the apartment bathroom feel lighter. This doesn’t mean you can’t add a splash of color. Perhaps a dynamic pattern on white.

Apartment Bathroom Ideas Pinterest

We know that decorating a small apartment bathroom can be challenging so we have scoured the internet and provided a list of some of the top inspiration and bathroom decorating items for visual inspiration. Check out below:


*Always check with your landlord for permission before implementing any permanent or semi-permanent ideas. Also, check with the landlord for rules before implementing ideas.


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