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While people often painstakingly consider apartment size and square footage, few consider the size of the balcony or patio.

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So, what is a good balcony size for your apartment? The depth of the balcony is very important. Generally speaking, the balcony should be a minimum of 4 ft (depth) by 9 ft (length) so you ideally have enough room for a small table and the ability to maneuver around.

What Types of Balconies are Available?

Some balconies are small and not really practical, known as Juliet balconies. They are essentially oversized windows, that improve aesthetics, but offer little in the way of having an outdoor experience. On the other hand, there are larger outdoor balcony spaces that serve as entertainment zones where you can fit a nice size table with chairs, and enjoy a beautiful meal outside.

What Balcony Size Should I Consider?

balcony at apartment complex

Depth is critical when contemplating balcony usability. A deeper, larger balcony allows you to –

  • Place tables and chairs
  • Install privacy screens (if needed and if your building allows for it)
  • Place lounge chairs

The smallest usable balcony depth is 3 feet. A minimum of 4 feet in balcony depth is a good choice for a small table and chairs. If you want a larger table, your balcony should be at least 6 feet (depending on size of your table). Apart from depth, make sure the balcony has enough length so you can move around even after placing a few items there. A comfortable length is about 9 feet.

How to Choose a Balcony?

Balcony Entertaining | www.phillyaptrentals.com

Choosing a balcony ultimately depends on your lifestyle needs. Do you like spending time outdoors? Do you want privacy outside without having to share the space with others? There are plenty of factors to consider –

  • First, find out if the apartment community you are interested in even has a balcony? Many apartments do not come with a balcony.
  • How private is the balcony?
  • Where is the balcony oriented in relation to other apartments in the building?
  • How do you want to use the balcony? For entertaining? For morning breakfasts and coffees?
  • How noisy is the balcony?
  • What floor are you on?
  • Do you get a good view from the balcony?
  • What is the angle of the sun?
  • How much space does the balcony have?

All these factors should influence your balcony choice and will have an impact on your quality of life.

These days more people are staying home for longer periods of time. Think of what makes sense from your lifestyle point of view and choose something that fits perfectly with your needs.


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