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What Does Package Service Mean in Apartments | Amazon Boxes Outside Apartment Door | www.phillyaptrentals.com

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The term package service on an apartment listing can mean several things ranging from a professionally installed package-locker system, front desk acceptance of packages, concierge delivery of packages (rare), to simply an empty storage room that can accept packages.

What Types of Package Services are there?

What Package Service Mean In Apartments | Package Locker | www.phillyaptrentals.com

Types of package service in an apartment complex include:

  • Package Locker System (more on this below)
  • Front Desk Accepting Packages
  • Concierge Delivery rare but some places do offer concierge delivery of packages to your apartment during business hours.
  • Package Room similar to package locker but usually no technology involved. May or may not be locked room.

What is a Package Service Typically Mean?

Typically, the term package service refers to a package locker system. Around 2015, package locker systems became an increasingly popular amenity in luxury United States apartment rentals. There are several different types of package lockers, but essentially, they provide the same function securely hold your packages and notify you (tenant) when delivery occurs.

How do package lockers work?

Think of a big stack of lockers with a touch screen pad that you can interact with, enter a secure pin, and then automatically have the locker open with your package. They also typically notify you via text/email when you have a package.

Are There Third Party Companies that Offer Package Locker Systems?

Example Amazon Package Locker | www.phillyaptrentals.com

Yes, there are plenty of third-party companies that offer package locker systems. Your apartment building probably partnered with one of them including Amazon Locker, Luxer One, ParcelPending.

What are the Benefits of Package Services?

The process of package services is usually quite simple. You get a notification on your phone and go and pick up your parcel. Some of the benefits include:

  • Access to 24/7 parcel deliveries
  • No headaches of courier services knocking on your door all day long
  • No waiting for a package to arrive you can go about your everyday activities
  • Access to detailed tracking records
  • Give you additional control because you don’t have to deal with the issue of missed deliveries when no one is home

Who Will Benefit from Package Services?

Third-party package services are best suited for people who work away from home and are rarely available to wait for a courier to arrive. It allows you to go about your routine without any interruption since you don’t have to depend on the delivery itself.

It can also be helpful for young parents who don’t want their children disturbed at different times of the day due to ringing bells or door knocks that can disturb nap time.

At the end of the day, package service in an apartment can have different meanings. It is always best to ask your rental agent what they mean so that you are fully aware. There may be a separate fee involved, so make sure you check this too before signing any contract.

How Do Packages Work in Apartments?

  • For USPS, they are typically delivered to a designated mailbox either inside the apartment common doors or outside. If you have a large package, mail carrier will usually leave a key for you to access in a larger parcel box. If really large, it might need to be delivered to leasing office. Ask your leasing agent where these mailboxes are located in your apartment community, and how USPS packages work.
  • For Fedex and UPS (private carriers), they are usually delivered via one of the aforementioned package services whereby packages are accepted from concierge/leasing office, packages are put in a package locker system, packages are put in an empty room on a designated shelf, or concierge could deliver packages to your apartment (rare).
  • If you have a completely private entrance, semi-private entrance (where you share with a few residents) or a single-family rental set up, then packages are likely delivered directly to the front door of your apartment. If you live in an apartment building, you will likely have one of the aforementioned package services. Every apartment community is a little different, ask your leasing office for specific details about your community.


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