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When it comes to keeping your home decluttered, you could hire a professional organizer but that can be very expensive. When you live in an apartment, the challenge is even greater because most apartments tend to have less space than a single-family home, townhouse, or duplex and there can be restrictions on what you do with the space.

Fortunately, you have options. Here are our top 5 picks for when it comes to storage and organization tips for apartments. Even if you pick just one product and one room, you might be surprised at how refreshing and decluttering an experience it can be.

1) Clear Boxes

Clear Storage Boxes |

Clear boxes are great for placing anything that doesn’t store or hang neatly in your bedroom or living room. A clear box allows you to see right in and easily identify what you’re looking for. Clear boxes with lids are even better because items don’t fall out easily. There are deep boxes for storing larger items or similar items in layers, or shallow boxes where a single layer is more appropriate (so you don’t have to dig into the box to find an item).

Examples of items you can put in these clear boxes include: extra clothes (t-shirts, shorts, sweaters), shoes, pictures, lightbulbs, batteries, and much more. The next time you need extra AA batteries, you’ll know exactly where to look. Storage boxes are great for both frequently used items that you simply don’t have enough drawer or storage space for and hardly ever used items you want to keep out of the way. Tackle your most commonly used areas first (i.e. bedroom or living room).

Pro Tip:

  • Clear boxes are also great for small keepsakes and memories. Don’t want to give away those sentimental pictures from your youth? Place them in a small clear box and label it a “memory box”.
  • Measure the spot you want to place the box in before you purchase it.

2) Label Maker

Buy a handheld labeler in-store or online. Print out labels for each clear box. For example, if you are tackling your bedroom closet, you might be printing labels such as ‘pictures’, ‘shoes’, ‘extra T-shirts’, and so on. Make sure when you put the items away, the labels face outward so you can easily see them.

Pro Tip: It’s best not to print the box label until you know exactly what is going in the box and have everything laid out on the floor/bed. Otherwise, you might find yourself changing your mind and wasting labels.

3) Closet Organizer

Person Organizing Closet Content in Boxes |

If you have a lot of clothes hanging in the closet and want to organize by item type (i.e. jackets vs. sweaters), a closet organizer is simple and comes in handy. You can use your handheld label maker to label each respective item and then simply place each organizer over your closet rod. Alternatively, use wire containers so you can see exactly what is stored where and be able to find things quickly.

4) Stackable Basket

Stackable baskets can be extremely helpful. It’s great for larger clothing items that you don’t have room for in your chest, dresser, or closet. It’s also great for more ‘sporty’ items like helmets, bags, cleats, or running gear. It’s easy to grab what you need and easy to put away when you’re done. It can look good in your closet or near the door.

5) Under Bed Storage

To create some extra space and clear out the clutter, there are lots of great under-bed storage items (clear drawers and soft bags). These can be great for storing things that aren’t accessed regularly such as summer or winter clothes, or those extra guest linens.

Lastly, as you start implementing don’t be afraid to donate, recycle, or get rid of items that you know you are not going to ever need.


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