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Often we choose to rent apartments for the convenience of the neighborhood they’re located in or the amenities included. Sometimes that comes at a price: there is less square footage for more ideal add-ons like a pool, in-home laundry, or gym access.

When it comes to city living, sometimes size has to take a backseat. Thankfully, there are tons of cool, cheap, and easy DIY modifications for apartments to fit all your knick-knacks in those tight spaces. Here are a few tips and tricks to manifest the apartment of your dreams with a smaller floor plan!

1. Doorway delights!

Woman Installing Closet Organizer | www.phillyaptrentals.com

No longer operating as just an entryway, doors can also function as a hanging storage unit. By utilizing either a wire storage rack or plastic shoe organizers, you can house several everyday items such as socks, underwear, towels, toiletries, or other supplies. Storage units in vibrant colors can also add a touch of decoration with their functionality—a win-win every time!

2. Pin It Up!

There are infinite amounts of ways to store your cookware, but when you have limited cabinet and kitchen space, it may be time to take to the walls! If your landlord allows, install a pegboard to any free wall in your kitchen. That way, you’ll never run out of ways to display your trusty cooking aids.

3. Stick to it!

You can easily stick nail clippers, hair pins, or even scissors to the back of the mirrored medicine cabinet door in your bathroom with magnets. As for the kitchen, a magnetic spice rack can free up that limited cabinet space. Feel free to purchase jars with magnets already built in, or glue magnets to existing jars. After mounting a stainless steel sheet to the wall or under a cabinet, place them all on the sheet to store them vertically. Just be sure to tightly close the jars so they can’t fall and make a mess!

4. Up Against the Wall

Park Place One Bathro

Many bathrooms have space that can be maximized by the addition of a small armoire or other storage units that have both open and closed storage areas. Since bathrooms only need to hold one person at a time, not only is the potential for clutter cut down by the addition of small furniture but a nice finishing touch is brought into the space with a wooden storage accent piece.

5. Out of Sight!

Companies have narrowed in on clever and practical storage pieces to help organize even the tiniest nooks and crannies of your home. Everything from your hairdryer to your remote can now have a proper location in plain view—so you never have to question where you left it last!


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