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How do you know if you need a larger apartment? Let’s face it, we can almost always use more space!

Go from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom?

Sure, why not?

But the reality is that costs are almost always a factor.

In this guide, we’ll look at exactly how you can identify whether you need that bigger apartment.

What is the size of your current space?

Are you in an adequate size apartment now?

If you are below these sizes, you may need more space.

What is Your Personal Situation?

How many people are you living with? 

If it’s just you, perhaps you can manage with space dividers. If you’re getting married or having a child, there may be more of a need for space.

Are you working from home?

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Working from home in a 1-bedroom or studio apartment may drive the need for more space. Perhaps you do need a bigger apartment or should consider getting a co-working space nearby.

How much can you afford?

Got a new job and income is growing? You may be able to afford more space. Tight on money, it may not be possible. Be sure to calculate how much you an afford.

Are you happy where you are?

If you are not happy where you are living in your current apartment, then maybe you can “kill two birds with one stone” — get more space and be happier.

Why Choose a Bigger Apartment to Live In?

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People often choose bigger apartments for a number of reasons:

  • Family growing.
  • Need more space to work from home.
  • Want to live with friends or roommates.
  • Not happy where you are currently living (and good opportunity to move)
  • Looking for more storage space.
  • Want additional bedrooms to host visiting family.
  • Have a small apartment space to begin with
  • Can afford it
  • Got a pet

Residents want bigger apartments for plenty of reasons, but the above are usually the most common.

What is Your Budget?

Bigger apartments tend to be more expensive so assess your finances before deciding. As mentioned above, typically, when looking at how much rent you can afford, you should spend no more than 30% of your income on rent. See if you can afford it.

Ask your existing apartment building how much a larger apartment is, and perhaps if you like it, you can switch over and get more space.


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