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Just moved into a new apartment and want to know the rules of being a good, respectful apartment neighbor? That’s a great start.

What exactly is apartment neighbor etiquette?

Let’s take a look.

1. Keep Sound to a Minimum

Respectful of Neighbors | Apartment with Drum Set |

If you’re looking to play music, keep it at a respectable volume.

Avoid guitar, bass, drums. Avoid deep base (in TV or music speakers).

Keep all sound to a minimum especially between quiet hours of 9pm and 8am.

2. Be Polite

You don’t have to be best friends with your neighbors, but greeting them, and being polite can go a long way, as you all have to peacefully co-exist in the same apartment community.

And if you end up being friends, hey, that is a plus too.

3. Clean Entry

While your neighbors may not be able to see inside the apartment, they can see the area outside your front door.

To avoid conflict, keep entryway clean.

4. Clean Apartment

Cleanliness in your apartment can affect your neighbor. For example, if you leave food and trash out, you will be increasing the chances of mice and rodents, which could then infest your neighbors apartment as well. Take trash out regularly. Keep apartment clean.

5. Clean hallway and Balcony

balcony at apartment complex

Don’t store anything in the hallway, balcony, or yard that doesn’t belong.

6. Avoid Large Gatherings

If you do have a lot of people over, avoid noise at night. Maybe even give your neighbor a heads up if more than 5 people are coming over.

7. Don’t Let Laundry Sit

If your apartment has common washer/dryers, make sure you do not let your laundry sit.

Monitor it and remove as soon as it is done. Move to dryer as appropriate.

8. Pick Up After Pet

If pets are allowed, be mindful to pick up after your pet. Follow pet rules. Do not tie your pet to the balcony, or leave the pet unattended making loud noises.

9. Be Mindful of Noises

If late at night, be mindful to your neighbor below you, walking around with high-heels or hard-bottomed shoes (especially if weak sound control in the building).

Avoid running the dishwasher and washer/dryer at really late hours, especially if a neighbor has complained of these sounds before.

10. Don’t leave Door Open

apartment entrance with mailbox slots |

It goes without saying, but if you share an entrance with your neighbor, don’t leave the common door open. Leaving the door open is not a good safety practice, and now you are imposing this on your neighbor.

11. Follow Parking Rules

If there are dedicated spots, be sure to only park in your permitted spots. Do not park in your neighbor’s spot, and instruct your guests to abide by parking rules as well.

12. Communicate

If you are concerned about something your neighbor has done or if you have a concern, it can be important to communicate.

Consider approaching your neighbor with respect and address any issues amicably. If you are concerned about approaching your neighbor, you should instead talk to your property manager. Always use your judgment and caution.

Being a respectful apartment neighbor can make it easy for not just you, but also your neighbor to live a relaxing, stress-free life.

Following these apartment neighbor etiquette rules can help put your on your way!


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