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So you moved into a new apartment and are looking to rent out an extra room to make a little money?

Unfortunately, this is likely not possible as most leases from a professional property management company contain a “no sublease” clause.

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Can you rent out a room in your apartment?

Typically, the answer is no. You are generally not allowed to rent out a room (sublease) in your apartment, particularly if your lease has a “no sublease” clause.

Most apartment leases prevent subleasing of any kind and this falls into that category.

Moreover, in addition to your lease, there could be zoning or city ordinances that could prevent you from renting out a room in your apartment. Furthermore, if it’s a condo or home owner association (HOA), there could be further restrictions on renting out.

Can you rent out a room if you are renting?

Typically, no as stated, you are usually prevented from renting out a room either by lease, local ordinance, or by HOA. If you are not sure, ask your Landlord.

Why do tenants want to rent out rooms?

There are numerous reasons why tenants may want to sublease their room (or apartment, technically a sublease). Maybe they have moved out of the area for a job offer, or maybe they have decided to take a semester off from school. Maybe they want to earn extra income.

But again, this will only be possible if the landlord or property manager specifically and in writing allows subleasing and it is permitted by local and state ordinances, which is often not the case.

Before you decide to rent out a room in your apartment to a third party, be sure to first read your lease thoroughly or you could face unnecessary fines for any breaches.


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