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What is the Average Ceiling Height in an Apartment | boy on bed reaching to touch ceiling | www.phillyaptrentals.com

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When you rent an apartment, you probably have your own things to bring such as your TV, bed, furniture, dining sets and more. You also probably have heard that higher ceilings make the apartment feel bigger.

That’s all true and makes sense. A typical ceiling height in an apartment is 8 feet, but newer construction (built after 1995), can have ceilings 8.5 to 9 feet+.

If you live in a historical building (i.e. pre 1940s) that was converted into apartments (such as an old warehouse or school), you can see ceiling heights of 14 feet+.

What is ceiling height?

Ceiling height is measured from the top of the finished floor to the ceiling. Height contributes to the attractiveness of an apartment, as well as the perception of additional space. Well-designed apartments usually have higher ceilings and can draw in more natural light compared to apartments with lower ceilings.

What ceiling heights are common?

What is the Average Ceiling Height in an Apartment | warehouse apartment | www.phillyaptrentals.com

Older apartment buildings, former warehouses, and schools tend to have higher ceilings.

If you are looking to live at an apartment building built from 1950 to 1995, your ceiling height is most likely the standard 8 feet, but now it is far more popular to see ceiling heights between 8.5 and 9.5 feet. The extra 6 or 12 inches can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your apartment. One exception would be if you are in a historically renovated building (i.e. former warehouse or older school), where ceiling heights are naturally taller, and your ceiling could be as height as 15 feet+ giving you that loft-like living experience.

Why is ceiling height an important consideration?

While square footage is certainly crucial, ceiling height can be just as important. High ceilings create a light and airy feel and make the whole space look grander and more sophisticated. With higher ceilings, your apartment may even feature decorative ceiling lights that amplify the beauty of the space.

Why are high ceilings more sought after compared to low ceilings?

What is the Average Ceiling Height in an Apartment | ceiling fans & lights | www.phillyaptrentals.com

Apart from the obvious reason of higher ceilings adding to the visual aesthetics of your apartment, they can also add more light and circulation throughout the space. The additional clearance from the floor allows for features like ceiling fans and decorative lights, while drawing in more natural light from outside.

What are the disadvantages of low ceilings?

Low ceilings can create a cozy feel but they can also make a room feel cramped and dark. They reduce the depth of an apartment and can often end up making the space look cluttered, which can be quite confining especially if you work from home or spend a lot of time in your apartment. Lower ceilings also reduce the capability to include decorative light fixtures, so your apartment can end up looking quite standard.

If you are looking for an apartment to rent, keep ceiling height in mind and consider these factors before making your choice.


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