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When you move into a new place, you need your mail to follow you. But how do you update a list of addresses when moving? The best approach to updating a list of addresses is a systematic one, where you write down a list of all the possible addresses, and check them off one by one.  Failure to update addresses, could lead to late payments, penalties, or worse.

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Below is a list of places where you should update your address when moving.

USPS Official Move Form

Redirecting your mail ensures important letters and bills are sent to your new address so you don’t miss them and experience inconveniences or fines. You also don’t want personal information to end up with the wrong people, which is why you need to redirect your mail. You simply need to visit the USPS website and follow the steps provided to officially change your address with them (note: they will likely charge a nominal fee of $1.05).

Banks, Credit, And Debit Accounts

You will naturally want to access your credit and debit accounts with your bank so make sure you notify them before you move for the smoothest transition. Make sure you update your online banking details and investment accounts to avoid any inconvenience later. This may require providing them with proof of new address.

Loan Providers

Whether you have a home loan, personal loan or car loan (or all), you will need to let your loan providers know of your address change so that any communication can be directed to you without any delay.

Financial Institutions

If you have any investment, brokerage accounts, financial advisors, or other, you should make a list and update those financial institutions too. Each may have its own process.

Tax Office

You will also need to let the IRS know about your change of address. You can print and mail the IRS form for changing your address. Follow the latest instructions from the IRS to ensure you meet their requirements.  For your state and local tax agency, go to the specific website and look for directions.

Government Agencies

If you receive medical and Social Security benefits or from any other government agency, you will need to inform them of your new address. Ask each entity their policy for updating addresses.

Professionals Like Attorneys and Accountants

If you regularly deal with professionals like accountants and attorneys, then you will also need to let them know that your address has now changed to receive timely and accurate information from them.

Insurance Providers

You probably have multiple insurance providers – car, health, content, renter’s insurance and more. Make sure they all update their records to reflect your new address information to avoid disputes, late charges, penalties and worse. If you are moving to a rental apartment, you may need to have renter’s insurance, if you moved from one rental apartment to another, there may be different requirements that require modifying your existing policy to adhere to the new community’s lease requirements.

Doctor’s Office and Health Professionals

You’ll need to notify your local doctor’s office about your move and possibly get a referral to another practice if you’re out of the area. Consider other health professionals you might use as well, including veterinarian.


It’s important to let your employer know about your new change of address so they can update their records.

Schools and Educational Institutions

If you have children, you’ll naturally want to let both the old and new school aware of your change in residency. Also, don’t forget about any religious institutions or non-profits you are involved in.

Utility Providers

Let utility providers like electricity companies, cable companies, gas companies and phone companies know of your new change of address and/or date to shut off utilities at your previous address. Some providers, like cable providers, might give you the opportunity to transfer your account to the new address. Be sure to arrange shut off date of utilities at previous address for the last possible date so that you retain access to heating/air and light, etc.


If you have subscriptions to magazines and newspapers, it’s always a good idea to let them know of your address change so your subscriptions reach you timely. Don’t wait to the last minute, allow enough time for this transition.

Online Accounts

Millions of people use Amazon Prime. If you use Amazon, start there and update your address. What other online accounts should you update? Hulu, NetFlix, Spotify, SiriusRadio, and more.

Driver’s License

You will need to let the DMV know of your address change so they can update this information in their records. Check with your local DMV about how you need to make this change, which may either be via email, in person or in a form.

Friends and Family

Perhaps you send out an email, e-card, or quick letter notifying your friends and family of new address. If nothing else, you can help ensure your future holiday cards won’t get lost in the mail.

Voter Registration

You might also need to update your voter registration. Check with your local municipality.

Changing your address before you move can save you from major hassles and fines in the future.

moving icon symbolizing change of address when moving


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