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As landlords, we often get asked from residents on how to properly get rid of furniture that they no longer want.

We enjoy these calls because it means that the resident is looking to things the right way, as it almost always not advisable to leave furniture inside your apartment.

But how do you throw furniture away or get rid of it properly?

Find out in this article.

Check with Local Government Bodies

Check with local city and government bodies to find out if they offer free or paid pick-up services for large items such as furniture. If this is a possibility, you could book a day and they will often come and get rid of it for you.

Sell Or Give Away

Local or various online marketplaces can be excellent for advertising your existing furniture because it could come in handy for someone else. Depending on the condition, you could either sell or give away your furniture pieces. You can also check out local thrift shop.

Donate to a Local Charity

If you are not looking to sell and your furniture is in reasonably good condition, you could donate it to a local charity. Many will even pick it up for free. Check out Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill.

There are also service providers like Green Drop who will pick up donations on behalf of their charity partners.

Check with Friends and Family

Chat with Friend |

Another way to get rid of furniture is to check with your friends and family to see if someone needs it. This way, you could help someone you know in need rather than just selling or giving away.

Call a Junk Removal Company

You can call a junk removal company such as 1-800 Junk, College Hunks Hauling Junk and other junk removal companies. It might be good to also find out if they donate anything, so you choose the right option.

If you are moving out, don’t leave furniture inside apartment or you could end up paying a hefty penalty for getting it removed.


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