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How to Set Up Apartment Wi-Fi | Woman Connecting Router

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So you just moved into your brand new internet-ready apartment and wondering how to set up Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is perhaps one of the most important things to consider.

It may involve several steps to get started.

This guide breaks it down so you know exactly what to do.

Is Internet Provided with the Apartment?

Ask whether wifi is included as part of the rent (free) or whether you need to get your own.

Most of the time, wifi is not included (unless it is student or college housing).

If wi-fi is included in your rent (usually not), then contact your landlord for instructions on how to access it.

Comcast Is an ISP | Comcast Truck |

If wi-fi is not included in your rent, you need to find out which Internet Service Provider (ISP) or company provides wifi in your building. Examples include Comcast, TimeWarner, Verizon, Google Fiber.

There could be one or more companies, depending on the area you live in. Simply call your landlord / management company and ask which companies provide wifi in this building and if they have a phone number for you to call.

Which Internet Service Provider (ISP) to Contact?

If you have options, shop around between different ISPs to get the best deal. Consider comparing internet speeds.

For example, if one is offering 400 mbps, that is faster than 100 mbps. But if you are not using the internet for heavy downloading or gaming, your speed needs probably are not much. You can probably upgrade later if you find the internet is too slow.

Call the ISPs, compare prices and speed (don’t get too caught up in speed but review it)

Should You Buy Your Own Router?

A router (like the one shown above) is needed to ensure data coming into your apartment gets directed to the correct device. Most ISPs will offer you the option of buying or renting a router from them.

While this is an option, you can possibly get better hardware when you buy your own router allowing you to benefit from faster and more reliable technology.

You’ll also save money because you don’t have to pay rent on the router.

The downside is that when troubleshooting many ISPs will not service or warrant equipment they don’t provide.

What Deals to Look for from ISPs?

Deals to Look For with ISPs | Person Using Credit Card in Cafe |

Pay close attention to what each provider is offering, including prices, perks, and speeds.

Some ISPs offer sweeteners like subscriptions to streaming services, limited-time discounts and no-contract options to get you to sign up with them.

What to look out for from ISPs?

Find out about contracts (i.e. commitment) and what the typical increase will be when promotions end.

Find out what happens if you leave the apartment early.

Pro Tip: Upon set up, before the technician leaves, check your wifi speed with a tool like to make sure it is close to what you purchased. It will not be as fast as a hard-wired connection, but it should be reasonably close to what you are paying for.

What Documents Should You Have to Set Up the Internet?

Make sure you have all the required documents.

Ideally, you will need to have at least two documents to validate your identity and place of residence. These will likely include your lease agreement, utility letters, bank statement, and driving license.

Should You Change the Preset Network Name and Password?

All routers come with preset names and passwords but most would agree it is worth changing for enhanced security.

Changing the name and creating a strong password will generally provide increased security.

Avoid using personal information, such as your name or apartment number in the name of your network.

Once you know what to do when you first rent an apartment, you’re ready to get set up your apartment’s wifi. Hopefully, this article gave you a nice start!

Happy Renting!


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