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If you want to refer a friend to live in an apartment, not only will your friend be your neighbor, but you can end up making some spending money. This is common in many apartment complexes so let’s find out more about how it works.

How Does the ‘Refer a Friend’ Option Work?

The concept is quite simple. You refer someone who wants to live in the apartment complex. If the person is approved, and assuming terms are followed, you earn a fee that can be anywhere between $100 and $300+. Of course, the person has to be approved, sign a new lease, and typically stay for a certain length of time for you to receive the fee.

Does My Apartment Complex Pay a Fee?

Yes, many apartment complexes will compensate you for introducing new tenants. Check with your apartment complex on how it works and what you need to do to register your friend. You will usually need to register this person before they fill out an application to rent an apartment in the complex.

What Do You Have to Do?

In general, you do nothing but keep your eyes and ears open for friends and acquaintances that may be looking for a place to live. You will then need to check with your apartment complex about the process of registering a friend so you can get the fee. Again, the friend might need to sign a lease for a certain length of time.

Referral fees are a great way to earn a little extra spending money without having to do too much so why not give it a go?


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