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Looking for apartments with new interiors in Philadelphia? Excited by the prospect of wood-style flooring, and oak cabinets? Sometimes, you don’t want to deal with the added maintenance of older apartments. Or, if you intend to move frequently, then perhaps furnished apartments may be the way to go. Recently renovated apartments not only look plush and neat, but they also frequently come with the latest fixtures and gadgets which can make your life easier and might suit your style better. Here are some smart ideas to help you find apartments with new interiors in Philadelphia.

Research Online

One of the best ways to identify the apartment before visiting it is to check out the photos, videos and any other visuals available online. This helps you narrow down your options so you can choose the best options that meet your lifestyle needs. Pay attention to the description of the apartment too. Usually, if an apartment has recently been renovated, the description will explain all that in more detail. Check out listings on as many online apartment finder websites as possible to widen your choices. Use third party sites and visit the apartment complex website directly. When you have more options at your disposal, you’re more likely to find something that meets your specific needs.

Call in Advance

Some communities may offer ‘upgraded units’ for an additional rental fee per month. It may be a good idea to call some of the specific communities you are interested in to find out if these renovated kinds of units are available. If not, find out how long it might take to get one. Sometimes, it could be that another party is moving out soon or that an under-renovation apartment is due to be completed soon. Ask if they have different “levels” of upgraded units. Because of the age of many apartment complexes, unless it’s new construction, you’ll likely find different “levels” of renovation (i.e. not every apartment is equally upgraded). Inquire about price differences.

Connect with Local Real Estate Agents

Another great way to find apartments that have recently been renovated and with new interiors is to contact local real estate agents who may be showing properties in your desired area in Philly. Real estate agents have access to larger databases (i.e. MLS database) and likely know local areas better than you, so you may be able to find exactly what you need through them. It’s quite often true that in Philadelphia, real estate agents aren’t as involved in renting apartment complexes, but they do often help out in renting individual homes or condos.

Schedule a Tour to See Whether You Can Live in the Property

Once you have researched images and visuals online and called in advance to find out if upgraded units are available, schedule a tour to check out the property before you sign any lease agreements. On your tour, look at the model apartment to make sure you are completely happy with it. Ask these questions:

  • Will my upgraded unit look like this? If not, how will it be different?
  • Will my apartment have the same exact kitchen? If not, how will it be different?
  • Will my apartment have the same flooring?
  • Will my apartment have the same bathroom?
  • Is the upgraded unit I have complete or will it take time?
  • What happens if there is a delay in my unit being prepared?

Finding apartments with new interiors in Philadelphia requires a little additional research and careful consideration to help you find exactly what you need.

new interior apartment kitchen


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