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You probably spend a good deal of time in your bedroom, whether you’re sleeping or just hanging out. So you’ll want to make sure it is comfortable and well laid out. Here are some tips to help you properly arrange your bedroom, regardless of if you’re in a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartment, to ensure minimal clutter.

Measure The Room To Determine What Furniture Arrangements Work Best

Measure The Room |

You can’t just buy any furniture for your bedroom. It needs to fit into the space you have available.

  • Measure the space available against each wall in the bedroom to determine how big it is.
  • Sketch out different arrangements because this is so much easier than moving your furniture around the room later. This gives you a bird’s eye view of what the room could look like before you have to move any heavy pieces around.
  • Consider what pieces make sense for your bedroom based on your room measurements.
  • You can ask for a floor plan in advance from the landlord or manager, and then can also lay out the furniture digitally with online room design programs such as Roomstyler, 3Dream, and Plan Your Room. Alternatively, you can map out your furniture yourself on grid paper.

Choose The Right-Sized Bed Based On Room Size

Choose The Right-Sized Bed

Your bed is easily the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom. So start there. You’ll need to make sure your bed fits into your room easily.

  • Check your room size to choose the right bed because you don’t want to end up with something too oversized. For example, if your bedroom is not very large, then a king bed might be too large. A queen or a double bed may give you the right balance between the space you have and your furniture.
  • Depending on the specific layout of your room, placing the bed in the center often optimizes the space (avoid covering the windows as you’ll want to maximize light).
  • If your room is small, you may also want to choose a bed with in-built under bed storage.

Consider What Other Furniture You Might Need

Bedroom Furniture Including Side Tables and Dresser

Now that you have your bed figured out, you can move on to bedside tables, a vanity and more.

  • Consider items that fit into your bedroom layout and offer adequate storage to take things off the floors.
  • Place the bedside tables on either side of the bed so you can put a table lamp on them as a natural extension of your bed, and of course for lighting. Of course, note the location of the power outlets so you don’t end up with too much wiring meandering through the bedroom. Generally, one outlet in your bedroom will be switch controlled. If you don’t have a switch controlled outlet, consider installing a smart outlet that will allow you to control the on and off of the lamp. Having a light you can control near the bedroom door makes navigating a bedroom at night not only a convenience, but just might prevent an injury.
  • The chest of drawers may be the biggest piece of furniture after your bed – consider placing it on the opposite wall of the bed if space permits (you want to leave a minimum of 30″ for walking. If the bedroom is smaller, try leaving the space open for more seamless movement.

Choose The Right Space For Your Dresser

If you have or want a dresser, you’ll want to make sure you choose the perfect spot for it in the bedroom.

  • A dresser looks neat in a corner or even under a window if you have the space, but it may also service as a television stand. With the advent of wall hung televisions though, placing the television on the wall will allow you to use the dresser top for other uses. If you do place your dresser opposite the bed, you will need a room, a minimum of ten foot six inches in width or length measured from the wall where you place your headboard to the wall where you place the dresser.
  • If your bedroom is too small, when arranging the furniture, you may need to place the dresser inside the closet or even get rid of the idea completely.

These are some guidelines to help you arrange the furniture in your bedroom better. At the end of the day, make sure whatever you choose works best for your bedroom’s needs.


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