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Are you trying to figure out how much apartment space is going to be enough? Well, generally speaking…If you are planning to rent a one-bedroom, you will probably want an apartment with at least 550 square feet.

If you want a 2-bedroom, aim for a minimum of 750 square feet.

For a 3 bedroom, you will probably want at least 1,100 square feet.

Here are some other factors to consider.

How many bedrooms do you need?

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This will depend on how many people live in the apartment. If you live with roommates, for example, each person will likely want their own bedroom.

How many bathrooms do you need?

Consider how many bathrooms you need. For example, you might need 2 bed/2bath or a 2 bed/1 bath may be sufficient.

Do you have any special requirements or considerations?

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If you work from home, then you will likely need a home office, and might require an extra bedroom.

Do you have a pet?

If you have a pet, you will likely want more space for the animal to move around. Make sure, at a minimum the pet has enough space. Also, of course, make sure pet is permissible in the lease

What features do you want in the apartment?

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The apartment features you are looking for will also influence size. For example, do you want a balcony? Do you want a large kitchen? Do you want an extra bedroom for guests, extra closet space for your personal belongings, or a washer and dryer in your apartment?

When do you need smaller apartments?

You may not need a large apartment if you live alone, don’t work from home, and go to a gym to work out. If you travel for work a lot, own or rent another residence in a different location, you may find a smaller space to be a better fit. Hopefully, this article helps you decide.


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