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Apartment tours are much quicker than house tours.

In general, each apartment tour takes about 35 minutes but you should allow about 60 minutes for each if questions come up or the tour runs long.

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Here is everything you need to know about how long apartment tours typically take.

How Long Should You Take While Touring the Apartment

Generally speaking, an apartment tour takes about 35 minutes, but you should allow for at least 60 minutes (especially if you have questions or need to wait your turn).

Here are some things to consider asking before your apartment tour:

  • Is it helpful to make an appointment in advance?
  • Where is your office located?

For example, at one of our communities our rental office is located across the street from the address that most people typically put in their GPS. Before we get off the phone, we always like to confirm the exact address of our model apartment so prospects do not show up to the wrong address.

Confirm the exact address of where you are going, and where to park.

What Do on Apartment Tour?

On an apartment tour, you are typically:

  • Meeting Rental Agent
  • Touring Either Empty Unit Or Model Apartment
  • Viewing the Grounds and Amenities.
  • Sitting Down to Discuss Pricing, Availability, and Floor Plans (if interested)

Meeting the rental agent takes about 5 minutes, then touring of apartments takes about 10 minutes, viewing grounds and amenities 10 minutes, and then sitting down to discuss pricing could take 10 minutes.

Therefore, total time for the apartment tour is about 35 minutes.

What Makes an Apartment Tour Longer?

Typically, there will be a longer apartment tour if one or more of following:

Big Apartment Complex

if there is a big complex with a lot to see, this could increase time on tour.

Ample Amenities

If there are more amenities, this will increase time on tour

Garage Parking

Typically if there is parking garage or underground parking that requires elevator trip to get to the main office, this will increase time of tour (due to travel time).

Lot of questions

If you have a lot of questions or have a particularly chatty rental agent, this will increase time


If there are multiple people touring at once, that could also increase time on the tour. Generally, consider off days during the week and off times to reduce the likelihood of additional waits.  On a personal level, one time I had to wait 1 hour just to tour the apartment despite having an appointment. Of course, I quickly took this off the list.

Are there typically lot of people on tour?

Most apartments in the US are done by private showing. It is typically you and the rental agent walking through. It is rare to have more than a couple of other people waiting in the lobby for tours. The crowds are not usually large.

Nowadays, some landlords (mostly larger national property managers) are utilizing remote leasing (self-guided tours) where they actually give you the keys to tour an apartment on your own and follow up with phone call questions later.

How to Maximize Value From Your Apartment Tour

Apartment tours can be short but you need to make sure you get the most value from them. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure all your paperwork is in order so you are ready to commit if there is an apartment you love.
  • Take a look at the size of the bedrooms and make sure they fit into your space needs.
  • Take a look at the cleanliness of the apartment. While it may not be the exact apartment you take, if the model is not clean, that is not a good sign typically.
  • Is the exterior free and clean of trash, and is it seemingly well maintained?
  • Bring your photo ID, money, and other documents required for deposit
  • Take a virtual tour in advance so you are better prepared
  • Prepare a list of questions you need to ask about the apartment so you don’t forget when you are on the tour.

View apartment layout online |

What to Look Out For on Tours?

Observe the grounds, cleanliness, floor plans, size and set up. Look out for trash, poorly kept up apartments. If you are touring the specific apartment that you may lease, then you’ll want to examine in thoroughly including any visual defects and if the appliances work.

However, in most apartment complexes you are usually touring the model apartment and not the actual unit you will be renting. In this case, focus on big picture issues.

How Many Apartments Should you Tour?

This generally depends on each individual, but most people look at about three apartment complexes before finalizing something that works for them.

Allow a few days so you can see a couple of apartments but be quick if you find something you like because they can get taken quickly and you might miss out.

How Far in Advance Should You Book An Appointment For a Tour?

Generally, a few days to a week before your intended date to tour should be sufficient. If it is a hot brand new lease-up or particularly in-demand building, the sooner the better.

Don’t speed up your apartment tours to save time, but at the same time, try to use your time sensibly for the best results.


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