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There is no definitive answer in terms of whether gas or electric is better, however, if given the option, many people prefer to have gas in the apartment as it is often cheaper to heat, provides a better cooking experience with a gas range, and generally provides a more comfortable, consistent and efficient source of heat for those residing in Winter climates.

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However, sometimes, people do not have the option to have gas in the apartment, as the apartment is not hooked up to gas in the street.

Why Electric is More Common

Virtually all apartments in the United States are powered by electricity to run at a minimum, the lights.

In comparison, not every apartment has gas, as that depends on whether the apartment building itself is connected to the locale’s gas in the street. Gas is generally more expensive for buildings in the construction phase because they have to make two connection points – one for gas and one for electricity, and piping for gas is much more expensive than wiring which is more bendable and pliable. For these reasons, many newer buildings only come with electric connections.

Benefits of Gas for Cooking

Many people like the convenience of gas for cooking because it heats up food faster and more evenly (with its open flame), which can be good for people who like to spend time in the kitchen.

What is Easier to Maintain: Gas or Electric?

In general, electrical appliances are considered easier to maintain than gas appliances. For example, flat-top electrical burners are easier to clean in comparison to gas stoves, which can make it harder for you to clean out food debris.

In both cases, if something goes wrong with the appliance, it is always best to seek the help of a professional and call your landlord for a safe and efficient job.

What is Cheaper: Gas or Electric?

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According to ConsumerAffairs, Natural gas is almost always cheaper than electricity. So if you have gas cooking and heating, and you pay for utilities and live in a cold climate, your overall bills should be lower than if the whole building was electric.

Having gas could also make a difference during power outages because you will not have access to hot water or heat with just an electrical appliance. There is no disruption to gas appliances in this case.

In conclusion, there is no magic answer here. If you had the choice between the two, ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

With gas, if your apartment has a natural gas flue or appliance, make sure the apartment also has a carbon monoxide detector.


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