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Are you in the market to rent an apartment or duplex? First, let’s look at the definitions. Then, we will explore some of the pros and cons of each.

While a duplex and apartment are similar in that they both contain units to house people, a duplex refers to two separate units within one structure whereas an apartment refers to a singular unit (may or may not be part of a larger structure).

Let’s dig into this a little deeper.

What is the Difference Between a Duplex and an Apartment?

Duplexes and apartments are fairly similar but there are a few distinct differences.

  • A duplex consists of two separate units that sit next to or on top of each other within one structure. They typically come with a garage.
  • An apartment refers to a single unit within a complex or group of units, although it could be by itself. There are likely to be neighbors on either side and/or above and below in an apartment complex setting.

Pros and Cons of Duplexes and Apartments

Pros of a Duplex Unit

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  • More likely to have in-unit washers and dryers
  • Often larger than apartments
  • Just one neighbor, which is great for those who like peace and quiet.
  • Likely to have easier parking

Cons of a Duplex Unit

  • Can be more expensive than apartments.
  • Not as widely available as apartments.
  • Can be lonely with just one neighbor if you like to socialize.
  • May have to do some of the maintenance or lawn work on your own.
  • Often do not come with amenities like swimming pools and gyms.

Pros of an Apartment Unit

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  • Plenty of neighbors offer ample opportunities to socialize.
  • Usually easier to find apartments to rent rather than duplexes.
  • Typically, fewer maintenance responsibilities.
  • More likely to come with professional management

Cons of an Apartment Unit

  • Multiple neighbors can make the complex noisy (if sound control measures not in place)
  • Parking can be challenging if the complex has a low parking to apartment ratio

Ultimately, the decision between an apartment and a duplex is yours based on your budget and needs. Both have potential pros and cons, decide what works best for you.


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